Fw: Those darn Israelis are at it, again!!!

Those darn Israelis are at it, again!!!

●CNN: "Israel is first to set up Surgical Unit in Japan"
● The Israeli clinic includes orthopedics, surgical and intensive care units as well as a delivery room and pharmacy.
●The delegation includes 50 doctors.
● They brought with them:
1. 32 tons of equipment                                                                                                  
2. 18 tons of humanitarian aid---10,000 coats, 6,000 gloves and 150 portable toilets
With all their billions of "petro-dollars", where is the humanitarian relief from the Arab countries?
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Anonymous said...

Good on them. But you might expect this from a country which receives tens of billions of dollars in aid from us a year.

gruaud said...


No RWF is just good news; there has to be some kind of shot at somebody else.

If Israel did something humanitarian, then Muslims suck.

If the Japanese are orderly and civil during a catastrophe, then it's "blacks, am I right?"

If Christians are nice, obviously the agnostics and atheists lack any kind of a moral compass.

If conservatives do anything, then fuck liberals.

Why can't you just celebrate good news and leave the rest of us out of your Manichean world view?

Anonymous said...

"Arab" countries with "petro-dollars," eh? I guess we're making a jab at Muslims?

Saudi Arabia: portable stoves and fuel for victims
Iran: various aid through Red Crescent
Dubai: charity events
Indonesia: monetary aid
Libya's a little busy right now.

Anonymous said...

Even the Afghan province of Kandahar donated to the cause. Believe it or not, pretty much everyone is helping in their own ways.

Also, since we're puffing up our chests over how generous we are, what ever happened to all that aid we promised Haiti and then failed to deliver?

ferschitz said...

What a load of lying crap. So sick of the b.s. Agree w/first Anon. Given the billion$$$ of MY tax dollars given to Israel every year, then I'm very happy to learn that *I* donated this aid to Japan via Israel.

Nearly all nations are pitching in to assist the Japanese, not just Team USA via our billion$$$ in aid to Israel.

Anyway, wasn't there just a recent RWF (about 3 or 4 down) that bitched about giving aid to the Japanese???? What do you conservatives want? Aid to Japan? Or no aid to Japan?? Make up your minds.

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