FW: Solution to two problems

Subject: FW: Solution to two problems
Solution to the problem in Libya:
They want a new Muslim leader, I say give them ours.

Solves 2 problems


gruaud said...

Once upon a time, Captain Hook put poison into Peter Pan's medicine. Tinkerbell tried to tell Peter that his medicine is poisoned. Peter tells her she's being silly. So in order to save Peter's life, Tinkerbell drinks the poison herself! As she is about to die, she weakly tells Peter Pan that if all the conservatives in the world who believe in fairies would clap their hands then she would live. Peter asks teabagging John Bircher's of all ages everywhere to believe and to clap their hands.

They do and Tinkerbell is saved!

The End.

Anonymous said...

Assholes. Fucking assholes. Fucking racist, ignorant, hateful, moronic assholes.

That's all there is to say about this.

ferschitz said...

LOLzers, Gruaud: high five to you, bro!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

My comment: ok, so WHO, exactly IS the USA's "Muslim leader"???? Are they referring to W. Deen Muhammed?


Or possibly Naseem Mahdi? OR Louis Farrakan? OR... ????

Inquiring minds need to know... /s

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