Fw: Gov. Christie tells it like it is

This guy is amazing.  Here’s a politician that tells the truth, plainly and clearly.  The unions are killing America’s economy.  


Anonymous said...

The unions are killing America’s economy.

No, they aren't. Gov Christie is a shill for big business who is long on rhetoric but short on facts. It was his Republican predecessors who screwed over his state by not properly funding the state pension program. But she had a very important reason: that money was better spent on a tax break for the state's richest citizens!

MrCreosote said...

More plutocratic sewage. Consider the source: The Washington Examiner is right up there with 'Investors Business Daily' and the WSJ op-ed page as the most strident mouthpieces of the plutocracy. Pinks say "oink", plutocrats hate the working class; What else is new?

ferschitz said...

W Bush pushed thru tax cuts for the super wealthy on the notion that it was temporary and allegedly a means to "increase jobs." The main jobs created were overseas in third world countries, while the wealthy & giant corps shifted jobs to wage slaves in poor nations.

Then the super wealthy crashed the world economy - not just here - thru ponzi schemes & other shonkey practices with real est., banking, hedgefunds, etc.

Yet we have these shills oinking about how the Unions are breaking the back of the nation. It's not teacher & police Pay or Pensions that sent this nation into a depression. That's just a load of hogwash.

Brought to you by yet another rightwing think tank to pit T-GOP serfs against other serfs in order to *distract* them from who's ripping them off - the super wealthy and their paid grifting flim-flam artists like Christies.

Get a clue.

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