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Subject: Fw: Take a Stand---Pass this on


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!
Lets Take a take a stand !!!!
Borders; Closed…….                                                        
Language; English only!!!! ..........       
Culture; Constitution, Bill of Rights and the BIBLE!!!!
Drug free;  Make a drug screen mandatory for anyone on welfare and/or food stamps and all politicians.
No freebies to non-citizens!  

We the people are coming

Only 86% will send this on... Should be a 100%

He who overcomes his anger has overcome a great enemy.


Anonymous said...

He who overcomes his anger has overcome a great enemy.

Ok, who slipped this into the end of the angry email?

Thx 4 Fish said...

I can't see the pics. But this seems like a random collection of rightwing slogans that has nothing to do with sheep and wolves.

Constitution-Bill of Rights-Bible!

Unless wolves pretend they love the Bill of Rights while at the same time denying the exact rights contained in that document to the poor. And the people who swallow this class warfare propaganda and cannot see the hypocrisy of it are the sheep. Then I guess it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The poor can gin up meth with ingredients from Walmart, but wealthier cocaine users can have 100 times as much of the stuff as poorer users of crack. Perhaps welfare has nothing to do with drug use after all!

ferschitz said...

"A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!"

Wow - I actually truly agree with something in a RWF. I can't see the graphics, either, and cannot be bothered. But the opening statement is quite correct. These rightwing sheep have definitely voted against their own interests by agreeing to have a bunch of wolves run the show.

Wish they could wake up and smell the coffee.

As I stated in a comment to a recent RWF, these foolish rightwingers have NO clue about what's actually in the Bible, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights bc they've read none of the above. But like the Pavlov dogs that they are, rightwing think tanks scatter-shot out nonsense phrases knowing full well that these rightwing "sheep" will snap to some kind of "attention" when they hear these words... or something.

gruaud said...

@ ferschitz: "Wish they could wake up and smell the coffee."

Sorry, they are lost to reason, tolerance, equality, and justice. 25-30% of any nation's population are damned ignorant/silly and proud of it; you can only point it out (unlike the media, which either embraces the ignorance/silliness or conveniently looks the other way to protect their corporate masters) and hope the undecideds finally decide.

What strikes me as weird is that I can understand independants, I was one myself. While there's a LOT to despise in the GOP, there are entire wings of the Democratic party that make me recoil in horror, especially the damned Blue Dogs.

No, what is weird is that there are still undecideds.

What are you waiting for, kids?

Hooray4US said...

Once again with the: "Only 86% will send on... Should be 100%"

This is about as bogus as the rest of the crap, but it's interesting how this "statistic" that 86% of recipients will definitely for sure pass this on...

I get the motivation for the lie, but one would think that some of these rightwingers might just question why they're told the same junk on every email forward (or am I being too logical now??).

katz said...

gruaud: That's the 27% crazification factor.

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