FW: Media Holds Obama Responsible!

Subject: RE: Media Holds Obama Responsible!
Now that’s cruel !!!

Subject: Media Holds Obama Responsible!


Anonymous said...

In the first panel he looks like he has a Hitler stache.

Marc with a C said...

I don't get it. First he's an aging Hitler, then he's a stoned Ed Wynn. What gives??

ferschitz said...

Are these Democratic voters?? Because I *completely agree* that the media has done bupkiss to "hold Obama accountable" for campaigning as a sort-of progressive, and then turning out to be W Bush on steriods. Obama is not even NeoLiberal (look it up), imo; Obama, for me, is a hard-right NeoCon. And I sure don't see any of the "trad" media calling him out on it.

But yeah: what is the *deal* with panel one of this 'toon featuring Hitler??? and then panel 2, the dude is not Hitler??

Does anyone get a really creepy vibe from this one? Does anyone think that, perhaps, the masses are being softened up further to be good little brownshirts?

weird creepy vibe from this one. Do rightwingers even notice that and question it?? If so, do they *agree* with having Hitler directing them what to think/feel/do/accept??

Or should I just "let it go" bc it's such a "funny joke"???

Anonymous said...

what does he expect? he's reading a paper called "Obama News". that's like watching Fox News and complaining they don't hold republicans accountable

gruaud said...

All I can see in that first panel now is Mr. and Mrs. Hitler.

Anonymous said...

You're so gullible, Mrs. Einstein!

AP said...

"APRIL FOOLS"!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!! Best punchline ever!!! Those right-wingers sure know comedy!

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