Fwd: This Song Got Him Fired!!!

Date: Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 9:14 PM
Subject: This Song Got Him Fired!!!

Subject:   This Song Got Him Fired!!!
This song is written and sung by a High School Football coach.  He wrote the song and sent it out to his email list.  Someone complained and he lost his job.  The good news, the guy has talent and when you see the words you'll be amazed.


Anonymous said...

They probably complained because the song made their ears bleed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time he won't use public resources to spread his political views to unwilling people.

CharlieE said...

I'd have fired him just for being so poorly informed.

Anonymous said...

When you're holding a tea bag, everything looks like a tax cut (or a death threat).

Here are the closest things to news coverage so far.

Protip: Don't send parents at your school polarizing political material, even in a now-solid red state like Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

So much for Freedom of speech. What a bunch of morons. Frank Kameny (a man who BO honored) can call GOD (the creator of the universe) a "sinful, homophobic bigot" but this song writer can't express his political views. So much for the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

So much for Freedom of speech.

No the issue here. The issue is that an employee used team/school resources to send around material of a personal nature, which also happened to be political in nature.

Frank Kameny (a man who BO honored) can call GOD (the creator of the universe) a "sinful, homophobic bigot" but this song writer can't express his political views.

And if he had done it on a school or company listerv, I would fully expect that he would be disciplined for his actions. Just like this guy.

This singer is free to write and sing whatever crap he wants. He isn't free to use non political resources to push his message in other people's faces.

Anonymous said...

On another point, this is the best thing that could have happened to this talentless hack. Now he'll be a martyr for the wingnuts, and his name and "song" will get spread far and wide (as we have already seen with its arrival here at MRWD).

I like how he plays the reverse race card. The teacher says that "some parents" complained, and then says that "maybe they found some racial overtones". No actual proof that they found any, but by putting words into their mouths he gets sympathy from the poor, put upon white masses. Way to play the victim tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Frank Kameny is a WW2 veteran and a civil rights hero. I think he's earned the right to be honored.

katz said...

You'd think people so obsessed with the Constitution would have a basic understanding of what it means.

gumpnes said...

My favorite line of the song, "as soon as they save this planet they'll put the fire out in hell".
This song goes right up there with "we gotta stop the mosque at ground zero", and "salt in the wound" in the genre of so bad, yet so sincere it's unintentionally hilarious "patriotic" videos. I literally laughed out loud.

ferschitz said...

I wish T-tardz would, you know, actually READ the Constitution so that they, you know, actually UNDERSTOOD what it says.

We don't have "freedom of speech" when we are employees. We are working for our employer, and there are limits on what we can do whilst employed.

Citizens can have all the freedumbs of speech they want in their own personal time. Get. a. clue.

Anoner said...

Hooray! another opportunity for Tea Partiers to martyr themselves for no real factual reasons. But they do so love feel like they're being unfairly attacked constantly.

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