FW: I Don't Understand

Date: Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 9:02 AM
Subject: I Don't Understand


This sums it up perfectly.  Not suitable for work.



Anonymous said...

Obama sure is dumb when I put dumb words in his mouth.

...but as usual, the comments are even worse.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant drivel.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This piece of crap video says that only 1 out of 300 people in America has the skills, drive etc to run a business.

There about 25 million businesses in America.

Is each so called "productive person" running 25 fucking businesses? All by themselves, with no help from skilled employees or managers? I never knew all you Randian supermen were so put upon. Maybe one of you has time to run a company that sells microscopic violins.

you're taxing the hell out of us

Fuck you wingnut! Taxes have not gone up one penny under Obama. He gave the largest tax cut in history, and he continued the policy of using government money to bail out the mistakes of the free market. That's right, the supposedly sacred and enlightened free market, which fucked things up so badly it took unprecedented and disgusting government action merely to stave off Great Depression 2.0.

Then those same assholes turn around and rip the government that saved them, and give huge amounts of money to Republicans in order to get them back in power so they can pass laws which let us do this all again! Viva, capitalism!

Bill Garnett said...

I can acknowledge your industry and passion in setting up your website. I can defend your right to have your say. But I am confused that you would so crassly and inappropriately portray the president of our country and disrespect both the office and the man. You seem not to respect democracy when it was a democratic election that put him into office. And you seem too willing to proclaim unconstitutional, on your own, issues that were intended for our judicial branch to resolve. My ancestors go back to Jamestown and my ancestors have fought in every war since the Revolutionary War. But since I disagree with you on almost every issue, then you see me as un-American? Issues of substance have currency on the Internet; a qualified psychoanalyst, if required, should address issues of repressed anger.

ferschitz said...

Billionaire Koch brothers incite racism and rage via funneling lots of money to bought-off corporatist, but Tea Party, candidates and all the paid for "rallies." Plus there are dozens of rightwing "think" tanks that pump out outrageous lies that gin up these low-info types, who have grown incredible entitlement complexes... believing that "democracy" means whatever it is that THEY want... whatever that happens to be today.

And yes, the ReTHUG playbook absolutely says: If you're not with us, then you are definitely the enemy.

These people aren't fooling around, but there's nothing civil or "democratic" about them at all anymore. I believe the word I'm looking for is: facism.

Anonymous said...

@ Bill

Welcome to the site. Let me clear something up. This is not a conservative or Republican site. This is a museum. The site owner posts the drivel that right wingers pass around via email, usually contributed by readers who have had their inboxes clogged by well meaning but misguided friends and relatives.

Things are posted without adjustments so that readers (who tend to not be conservative, or at least not rabidly so) can study, analyze and mock them. Feel free to join the party.

CharlieE said...

What I get from this video is that tax cuts for the rich will not create jobs, despite what the Republicans say and Obama should therefore go ahead with his plans to revert to the Clinton-era tax rates for those making $200,000 per year or more.

After all, they don't care about creating jobs.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! What a load of condescending BS.

Why do so many free-market fundies ( or mostly their low-information shills ) always trot out the "Economics 101" as though it were some ultimate argument winning trump card?

There is no just one interpretation of "Economics". Even Adam Smith's "classic" type of economics have been perverted and misinterpreted into slash and burn darwinism. Keynesian ( demand side ) economics is "Economics 101" too, but I guess the high-handed types that throw that term around expect their audience to feel too ignorant to argue.

Anonymous said...

I've never been able to understand the right wing economic model which seems to call for government to subsidize growth of businesses through tax cuts. This doesn't mesh with the right wing ideal of doing it all on your own through hard work and sacrifice.

Why should individuals work hard and sacrifice, while businesses get all the help? This is really an embrace of corporate welfare.

As a business owner I don't know why anyone would believe this economic model unless they've never even thought about how a things really work.

Anonymous said...

when you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Anonymous said...

@ ferschitz and giggles
and other capitalistphobes

Isn't George Soros related to the Koch brothers?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

The difference between is that Soros actually earned his money, instead of just inheriting the business from his daddy.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've never understood an economic model that seems to boil down to: Business expenses are BAD! We shouldn't have to pay our workers decent wages, nor should we have to pay the government to provide services that also happen to provide jobs! We DESERVE to be filthy rich and keep it all!

If you're paying your workers crap, and the goverment isn't hiring...who, exactly, is going to have the money to buy your goods and services?

Do the rich really think that they can stay rich selling yachts and racehorses to each other?

Hooray4US said...

I think they should just stop with the headline, which pretty much sums up rightwingers:

"I don't understand."

Yes, that's factual. You don't.

exersho said...

Well there's a little moment of truth around 1:30. "Business people don't care about creating jobs. We care about making money."
So all those pro-business talking heads saying keeping the Bush tax cuts in place so business owners can create jobs are full of it.

So the government should use the tax revenue from letting those tax cuts expire on the top income brackets to provide the poor folks some spending money to buy goods and services, which will up demand for those goods and services, which will create jobs.

Economics 101.

sporprec said...

Why doesn't the cowboy hat guy just say he takes home about $125K after taxes?

$30/hour x 80 x 52 =$124,800.

$200K/52/80 = $48/hour before taxes.

Then I guess he pays $18/hour in taxes, or 37%.
The 2009 rate for a head of household at that bracket is %28.

So he makes more like $35/hour or $145K after taxes. Not a big deal, but why the number-fudging if they really believe their argument is so solid?

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