Fw: Let's create American jobs

   This is a good one to keep and then refer to if thinking about a purchase.

If we want to have more jobs in America we must take it upon ourselves to create them.
We do not need complex plans to do so. The biggest factor in our economy is the consumer, that is US.
All we need to do is to buy American made when we can. This may seem impossible when  you look at the shelves in retail stores, but it is really easy. You just need to look.
There are approximately 100,000,000 households in the USA. The average household is going to spend over $700 on Christmas gifts. If each household would target just $100 of their Christmas budget to American made products that would create $10,000,000,000. (10 Billion) in business for American companies. Helping create Jobs for Americans and Revenue for American businesses. Revenue that the businesses can use to create more jobs.
So by giving your Christmas presents you are helping our economy, fellow Americans and businesses. It seems like win, win, win.
There is a link below that lists some American companies by the product groups that they make. This list is just a starting point. There are a lot of companies that make products in the USA. You don't have to look very far on line to find companies that produce products in the USA. It is time we solicit them. If your local retailer doesn't have American made products in stock, make certain that they know you will be buying from someone else or on line to get American made products. If enough people demand the products the retailers will start carrying them. Just be prepared to pay a little more as the companies have to pay workers a living wage, but isn't that what we expect for ourselves?
Good luck and remember, it's just $100 of what you are already going to spend. It will do a lot. Please pass this on.
Merry Christmas & God Bless


Anonymous said...

This isn't really a right-wing forward. In fact, I've seen both American union-led campaigns and left-wing led campaigns to do the same thing. The link in the e-mail leads to a site that seemed pretty non-partisian.

That said, well...it might be worth asking why so many jobs have gone abroad, and why so many of the remaining jobs don't pay a living wage or offer benefits or pensions. Here's a hint to help you answer: pro-business policies (cough-republicanpolicies-cough) and unions - as in, the decline thereof (cough-republicanpolicies-cough).

Or you could just blame the scapegoat-of-the-day. Much easier than admitting you've been getting duped since, oh, Reagan.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon #1, the "Buy American" meme comes from both jingoists and organized labor. Here's my take on my shopping: I like to buy nice things. It used to be that the nice things were from the U.S., and the cheap things were from Asia. Now the Nice things are from Europe, and Asia and the U.S. run the gamet from nice to crappy. Maybe if the U.S. could focus on better quality instead of crap, then people would affirmatively seek out American products.

ferschitz said...

Response to 2d Anon post: I agree. I try to buy US made goods, but often there isn't an option. What you say goes "in spades" for the US auto industry, which was run into the ground by feckless lazy corporate CEOs at the top of the 3 US automakers, who ran their companies into the ground, created crappy products, but made sure that they made HUGE bucks.

I would love to see a top US tax rate of 50%, which would be an incentive for companies to reinvest in their businesses, rather than just paying off those at the very top of the pyramid.

The *problem* isn't so much that US citizens won't buy US made goods. The "problem" is that US companies have off-shored so many jobs in order to hugely over-compensate the the very few at the top.

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