Fw: Rally Poster

Subject: Rally Poster

. . . .   no matter the side of the fence you lean upon, this is cute, and to the point.
          Leave it to 'old folk,' to come up with a catchy phrase.


Anonymous said...

no matter the side of the fence you lean upon, this is cute, and to the point.

Not sure we have the same idea of "cute". But it does get to the point. The point is this: I'm an idiot, and I have a sign to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Also, its amazing that even on their signs there are extra punctuation marks!

gruaud said...

Christine O'Donnell will be so upset with this guy.

Ok, let's enact all legislature at the state level. The Blue States will pass legislation appropriate for a civilized social democracy. We will no longer give the Red States any of our tax money, since they ostensibly don't want it.

The Red States can do whatever the hell they want to do, which is going to be pretty damned amusing watching it unfold from a safe distance.

Let's see who cries uncle first.

Anonymous said...

Translation: "I got my Social Security and Medicare - screw you!".

Bebe 99 said...

Hm lets see... since Obama has taken less taxes from this fool's pocket than Bush did, that means IF Obama's hand is in the guys pants that hand would be doing something other than taking his money...so, maybe he's got a point, and some homoerotic tendencies.

ferschitz said...

There's no fool like an old fool.

And! dude! what's! with! the! exclamation! marks!!!111??11!

Maybe all those thoughts! of self-stimulation! got you going?!!!!111???!!! WOOT!

What would Christine O'Donnell!! have! to say???!! You! naughty! naughty! boy!!!11!!! WOOT!

Anoner said...

Behold! Yon fair face! of the Party! of Tea-Tards. I got mine, eff you!!

katz said...

Leave it to an old guy to make me want to bleach my eyes.

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