Fw: Pelosi to Fly Southwest Airlines

pelosi isn't gonna be able to have a chartered jet at her beck and call now so she's gonna fly commercial. And she's gonna fly Southwest Airlines, 'cause bags fly free! 

 I'm Curious!  So What's Wrong With Her Broom?  It Served Her Well In The Past!


Anonymous said...

It will be SWEET for the American people to be able to speak to this speaker who pushed so many things on us that we do not approve of...she will no longer be UNAWARE of the feelings of the American people

Hibryd said...

RE email: You know, the Speaker of the House is 3rd in line for the presidency. I don't care what party is controlling the house; that person should not be flying commercial any more than the President and VP should be.

RE Anon: I'm aware that the "us" and "American people" you talk about don't include voters like me: actual liberals who were mad at Pelosi for having a backbone like Jello and allowing the 41% of Republicans in congress to act like a majority.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Speaker Pelosi assumed the office and the GOP moaned that she "ordered" that she get a bigger jet to get chartered home on, not realizing that the one Hastert had used didn't have the range to get CA without stopping. Everything is an outrage for the contards.

CharlieE said...


I'm pretty happy with the job Nancy has done. She's managed to get a lot of bills passed, including more than 400 on which the Senate has yet to take action. Among bills to pass both chambers of Congress, nearly every bill to come out of the House was better than the bill the Senate actually passed. The House's version of the health care bill, for instance, included a public option.

Nancy's done her job. It's Harry Reid in the Senate who has allowed the Republicans to act like they run the place.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

She flew commercial for decades, just as she's worked for the good of Americans for decades. She wanted to continue flying commercial the last 4 years but security concerns did not allow her to.

Speaker Pelosi did a hell of a job, wrangling cats in the House while at the same time having to deal with a timid White House and a Senate ground to a halt by obstructionist Republicans. She's dedicated her life to the difficult business of actually governing, as opposed to some politicians who quit at the first chance for a big payday by jetting around the country first class to hoover up every penny they can from brainless teabaggers.

Anonymous said...

she will no longer be UNAWARE of the feelings of the American people

Would that be the majority who want the Bush Tax cuts done away with for the upper 1%? Or the majority who support preventing insurance companies from dumping people the second they get a sniffle? Or maybe its the majority who got tax cut as a result of Speaker Pelosi's work. Or the majority who don't want SS or Medicare cut just to fund paydays for millionaires. Or maybe its the majority who want to repeal DADT, or who want comprehensive immigration reform, or support some form of cap and trade legislation.

Seems to me Speaker Pelosi's views are in line with a pretty good size majority.

Anonymous said...

Previous Anon:

I assume it's the overwhelming majority of voters in her district who re-elected her.

Note that this e-mail, like every other Pelosi e-mail, can't come up with any reason to hate her other than "she's ugly!"

ferschitz said...

Yet another mysogynistic, sexist, nasty rant about Pelosi. Do not get why rightwing women are so *thrilled* with this kind of nastiness towards any Democratic/ lefty female politician.

I have some issues with Pelosi, but not because of what type of air carrier she flew on. Really, there are so many other important issues to be concerned with, but once again: simple things for the simple-minded definitely "works" in T-tardland.

And note to first comment: I think Pelosi is very bright, and she "gets it" that you T-tardz hate her. Whatever...

Crissa said...

Sure, let's pay Pelosi a day's wages to sit on an airline that can't even keep my unique gameboy from being stolen in the cabin.

Ten hours in the air, an hour in security, and two hours sitting and waiting.

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