FW: Did You Know?

Subject: FW: Did You Know?
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 18:49:24 -0600

As I live each day may I do my part,
To make one difference, to touch one heart.
And through each day may it be my goal,
To encourage one mind, and inspire one soul.

God Bless......


When you carry the Bible, 
satan has a headache, 
when you open it he
When he sees you reading it, 
he faints, so let's read the
Bible everyday so that 
he keeps on fainting 
(maybe one day he'll have a
stroke and never wake up).  
And did you also know 
that when you are about
to forward this email to others, 
the devil will discourage you, but
forward it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Um... so how is Satan still alive? Surely the millions and millions of daily bible readings must have killed him by now?

Anonymous said...

That's why Dubya wasn't allowed to read the Bible when his VP was around.

Anonymous said...

Satan won't die. But then neither will God. If you want Satan (sin) out of your life... come to God and live like He wants you to live.
Jim Burwell

Anonymous said...

@ Jim

Well I tried to live by God's word, but a lot of his followers keep getting in the way.

I try to give equal treatment to all people, but some of God's followers keep telling me that I shouldn't.

I wanted to provide health care to all people, but many of his followers called that socialist.

I was against wars of aggression, and those followers called me a traitor.

As you can imagine its rather frustrating. At least Satan is consistent about what he wants.

ferschitz said...

If all the good Christians out there paid more attention to the teachings of Jesus, rather than focusing so much attention on satan, imo the world would be a much better place. Where your thoughts go, so goes your life. Focus on Jesus, rather than the devil; you might find your life improves dramatically (along with the lives of others around you).

Thought for the day...

Anonymous said...

Jim has it right, carrying around a bible everywhere or even reading it would not concern the "devil" Actually living one's life by the philosophy of Jesus would. But the devil should have no fear of that. My apologies to the really good Christians out there, but most of the loud and proud Christians of today have taken a really good religious philosophy and managed to live its opposite. Its been 2,000 years why haven't they gotten it right yet?

katz said...

I love that last paragraph. Delete this email? That's what Satan would do!

Anonymous said...

Talk about RW sickingly sweet vapidity! Truly vomit worthy.

May as well have it endorsed by this or that retired US military officer for even MORE punch. Maybe a few more all caps bright colored lines and triple exclamation points. Yeah, that'll do it! You betcha!

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