Fw: Driving Miss Sarah

 I LOVE THIS.           

love it!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

But they're not - I repeat, NOT! - racist.

ferschitz said...

No, not racist at all. Sure.

CharlieE said...

Apparently, the Republicans' disdain for education extends to learning to use Photoshop well.

Bebe 99 said...

I think it is very clear that rightwingers lack the ability to recognize racism when they see it. This explains why they keep embarrasing themselves by both claiming not to be racist, and proving that they are, often in the same sentence.

I'd like to see some sort of charity started for them. Something like guide dogs for the blind. Only in this case they'd be assigned a moral person who could monitor them and alert them whenever they behave like racist idiots. Eventually they might even develop some kind of code of behavior that would tell them right from wrong.

Anoner said...

On another blog today, a conservative was chiding some leftists about calling conservatives racists. The idea being that it "hurts their feelings" and then causes "communication failures."

Like: seriously? Being factual about something that I, as a leftist, happen to find *extremely offensive* (amongst other things) is forbidden because I might "hurt a conservative's feelings" for pointing out the bald ugly truth of what they're doing & who they are??? Seriously?

I think the communication "break down" happened a long time ago, and my telling the truth about their racism is hardly a factor.

But: whatever. Conservatives: ever willing to victimize themselves at a moment's notice over anything factual.

gruaud said...

Just another color in their "it's all the liberals' fault" palette, anoner.

Communications broke down because these assholes WANTED them broke down.

Hurt their feelings?

Aw, gee fucking whiz.

Valeyard said...

This joke was funnier when The Daily Show did it.

Anonymous said...

with Barbara Bush saying that Sarah should stay in Alaska,, I do believe the Tea Party needs to leave the RNC to their own DEMISE!!

katz said...

Admittedly, Obama's joke did walk right into it.

But that doesn't make it less racist.

Anonymous said...

While my first instinct was "that's racist!", its a little difficult when both sides are using the "back of the bus" metaphor (see Daily Show reference), to avoid using the chaueffer reference. Is a reference to "Driving Miss Daisy" racist because of the movie, or because the president is black, or both? What if they had John Boehner driving Nancy Pelosi? Same joke, but because Boehner isn't black (he's orange), its not as touchy. To the extent we liberals try to claim to look beyond race, maybe we should try to think through whether we think its fair for the GOP to pull their punches in this instance.

p.s. Too bad W didn't use this meme, he could have been Tounces, the Driving Cat.

Anonymous said...

To previosu Anon -

"Is a reference to "Driving Miss Daisy" racist because of the movie, or because the president is black, or both? What if they had John Boehner driving Nancy Pelosi? Same joke, but because Boehner isn't black (he's orange), its not as touchy."

In answer to your question, it's racist for BOTH reasons, and the second senario doesn't "work". I'm often the first person - well, the first liberal, anyway - to say "not everything is about race", but in this case, it IS about race.

The fact is, the joke wouldn't work the same way with Boehner driving Pelosi. It only "works" as a joke because Obama is a black man and Palin is a white woman, and they therefore "mirror" driving Miss Daisy - which was a movie that was largely about exploring race and class privilege. Obama - a black man - is being depicted in the role of a black male servant (NOT any servant - a black one, which has particular cutural and historial connotations, both in the movie and in real life), while Palin - a white woman - is being depicted in a role of a privileged white woman (NOT any privileged woman, but one whose privilege in the movie was based in part on her race).

This "joke" trades in historical, racist power relations. Which is why it's racist as hell.

(In fairness to the movie, I realize it was about exploring race and class privilege and relationships and such, and I'm not saying the movie was racist (although I don't remember it all that well). But the movie was still ABOUT race, and the joke IS racist.)

Tootseye said...

Props to last Anon post; well said.

But props also to the 2d to last Anon post for references to: Tounces the driving cat (har!) & the fact that Agent Orange is, uh, Orange.

Yes, this IS racist. I didn't see the Daily Show, so I cannot comment on that... but this IS racist. The end.

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