While I was searching for an answer to another Obama problem I came across this:

Check it our.


Anonymous said...

Um, okay, I checked it out.

It IS pretty much all lies - lies ABOUT what Obama did and said, propagated through yet another bullshit right-wing forward. The Snopes link debunks virtually all of the "LIAR" accusations, one by one. There are grains of truth in some of the accusations, but only grains - and put in context, those grains of truth are all innocuous.

But I guess all of the text and those big long words and full sentences (all in boring black font) on Snopes are just TOO MUCH for the right-wing brain to process and comprehend. Name-calling is easier.

gruaud said...

Gad, what dimwits.

I will say this: outside of Roosevelt, no American
president has been dealt such a shitty hand.

Anonymous said...

@ gruaud

Oh I'd say that Lincoln's hand was pretty shitty. And the funny thing is that these same teabagger assholes would just love to repeat 1860 again and leave the nation. Though what makes them think they won't get curbstomped again is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

As for this list of "lies", its both old and debunked. But the one thing I love is that they have finally learned what Snopes is. Amazingly, they are so dumb that they linked to a Snopes page which pretty much debunks all of their talking points. Which is either sad, moronic, crazy, or a little of all three.

ferschitz said...

I am disappointed with a lot of stuff that Obama either has or has not done, but this "list" ain't it.

Again: I so WISH that the rabid right could get their collective acts together, be mature adults who could use reason and logic, and be a loyal opposition who offers constructive, rational criticism of this (or any) administration.

What is MISSING from all of this bull hockey is citizens who are willing and able to get off their lazy butts to do some research, to THINK for themselves (rather than spouting off the latest talking point pooped out by Rush and Glenn) and who can reach serious, thoughtful conclusions about the big and serious problems facing our nation today.

This kind of drivel is just a distraction sent out to keep the masses focused on crap nonsense that is basically meaningless.

Talk about a "wake up sheeples" moment.

gruaud said...

@ anon

Oh yes, Lincoln had a very tough
row to hoe. I should have written
'in modern history', thx.

But I suspect a whole bunch of
our extremist nutjobs would dearly
love to go back to the 1860's,
where everyone knew their place.

Beth said...

I LOVE gruard and ferschitz! No need to comment when they always say what I wish I were clever enough to write! Thank you both for keeping me sane.

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Beth. Sometimes I tirade too much and am mean spirited, but my goal really is to be educational. I am completely dismayed by the craven lies, racism and bull crap that apparently gets forwarded out there to conservatives daily. It's really dispiriting that level of our "social discourse" has sunk to such a low level, and that so many citizens willingly read this crap and believe it 100%.

Yes, Dems and Obama are flawed and make b.s. decisions, etc. Fine: then stand up and speak up like an adult. All this nyah nyah nyah stuff is a stupid waste of time, resulting in nothing of any value happening either for conservatives or liberals.

I have done my share of being mean to trolls here, but on a more mature note, all I'd really like to see is citizens making much more *informed* decisions and choices, and not just reacting from reading a bunch of crap sent out by email.

I certainly do not make my decisions that way. I wish others would make an effort to more informed, to be mature adults, to allow for other points of view, to be fair minded, to look at different sides of an issue, to accept that more than one point of view can be valid, in other words, to grant everyone equal rights and equal respect. I might as well wish on a star, but that would be my wish.

Hold ALL politicians accountable, not just the ones from the "other party."

gruaud said...

Hell, I love your tirades, fs.

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