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The Conservative Monster.com published a new entry entitled "Experts Warn of Escalating Chavez Threat by Ken Timmerman - Newsmax.com" on 6/16/2010 6:25:11 AM, written by Steve Cooper.

Experts Warn of Escalating Chavez Threat by Ken Timmerman - Newsmax.com

by Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

This article by Ken Timmerman that I am posting was released 5 days after the BP oil explosion. Timmerman is one of the top reporters in the country and I do not throw compliments around like that much, but it is the truth.  Timmerman is NOT linking Venezuela to the BP explosion. This theory is mine and mine alone and I believe that as time goes by, I will be proven correct.

I am establishing my case against Chavez to prove that my theory Venezuela was behind the BP terrorist attack and that it was not an accident. Even last night, Obama mentioned that "we need to investigate why this happened". So, basically he is admitting that terrorism was possibly the cause, but he would never say that out loud. Why? Because he is on the side of the enemy and so are his lackey's in the media.

They are all reading the same script. Notice, not one reporter in the media asked the question "Was this a terror attack"? That makes it even more suspicious. Plus the fact that a Venezuelan gas rig sank just a week after this BP oil rig was blown up and this event was totally ignored by the media. That is also suspicious.

Why is the media hiding the fact that a Venezuelan gas rig sunk just one week after the BP explosion??? Nobody has an answer to that.

The media is complicit with this cover up, the same way they were complicit with:
Russia moving the WMD's to Syria

Iran's involvement with 9/11

Russia, Venezuela, Iran and China's involvement with Al Qaeda

The fact that Obama is NOT a natural born citizen

There is much more, but I think I proved my point.

The bloggers on the Internet are so obsessed and distracted by Obama's radical agenda that they are NOT looking outside the box. They are being blinded and that is also part of the plan. They are being distracted by liars in the truther movement, that are really left wing propagandists for the enemy.

The American left are allies with our enemies in Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran. They do not have to sit down at a table to prove that they are allies, because their leftist rhetoric and agenda says it all. I am just trained enough to see this link, unlike the average person that stares at Fox News 24/7, thinking that they are informed. I have been studying the American left's radical association with international Marxists and radical Islam for over 7 years.

Putin is using Chavez better than Kruschev used Castro against the USA. Venezuela has more money than Cuba, so Chavez has the resources to build up a massive military and he is buying the weapons from the Russians. Hugo Chavez is a terrorist and a dictator and he is protected by useful idiot lackeys like Sean Penn.

Putin's terror network extends to Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and they are also being funded by China. I chose a photo of a Russian tank for this post, because I am trying to drill into your heads that Venezuela is a Russian proxy and that they have spent billions on Russian weapons. The purchase of these weapons were publicly released, so this is no conspiracy theory. 

This terrorist network is virtually invisible in the American media, but not on this website. Jeff Kuhner is the only reporter in the media that has the guts and intelligence to publicly admit the Russian conspiracy and their links to terrorism via Iran.

Click here for Timmerman's article

Click here for the ARTICLE

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Anonymous said...

Deliciously crazy. Hey if your gonna be insane, commit to it 100%.

Even last night, Obama mentioned that "we need to investigate why this happened". So, basically he is admitting that terrorism was possibly the cause, but he would never say that out loud.

We have to know what caused something to happen = it was definitely some invisible terrorist ninjas.

The best part about all of these "theories" is that they can't possibly be untrue, since of course the evil media is covering up the truth! No evidence for something? Cover up. No facts? Cover up. Facts which explicitly prove you wrong? Just another big fat media cover up! Its beautiful in its own twisted way.

Daft Greg said...

"There is much more, but I think I proved my point."

I don't think you know what the definition of the word "prove" is.

ferschitz said...

Yeah, yeah, and yet when some citizens suggested that George W Bush and/or Dick Cheney KNEW that the 9/11 attack was going to happen but chose to do nothing about it (in order to justify going to war, which enriched both the Bush and Cheney clans, after all), these self-same nut cases rose up and shrieked about how INSANE that conspiracy theory was & how evil it was to suggest this.

And/or there's the conspiracy theory that the World Trade Center bldgs were actually exploded from the inside to "fake" an attack (not sure how the airplanes can be explained in that case), and these self-same nutjobs shrieked about how seditious it was to suggest that nutty theory.

I think W and Cheney had pretty good warning about a 9/11 style of attack and did little to prevent it, but these people would shriek in rage at me because I was stating a fact that they don't like.

These nutjobs slavishly exonerate W in every way but are all eager to figure out some weird nutso theory about teh eeeevul trrrrrrrrrrrrrsts is blowin' up the rigs since it happens to be a BLACK President at this time. I can guarantee that these ignoramuses wouldn't be sending this out if a Republic was Pres.

Hey nutsos: the stupid rig was built and owned by a BRITISH company. So are you suggesting that this was a terrorist attack on England??? Eh??

Of course, contards everywhere lap this bunkum up and send it out to their contarded pals eagerly proving how completely insane & worthless nearly all rightwing forwards are.

Marc with a C said...

I love it! Anything bad that ever happens to the U.S. happens to be the fault of whatever country the right wing wants to invade that year.

Like when those douchebags were claiming Saddam was behind the OKC bombing.

gruaud said...

"This theory is mine and mine alone..."

Nice to see Ann Elk has another theory in
addition to her theory on the Brontosaurus.


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