Fw: new "don't ask, don't tell" uniform

Yep....that's it !!!!


Representative Barney Frank introduces the new "don't ask, don't tell" uniform.


Anonymous said...

I bet Ted Haggard or Larry Craig would love it.

Seriously, for people who claim to hate homosexuality, Republicans sure spend an awful lot of time thinking about it.

Zeno said...

Yeah, but "thinking about it" isn't all they do.

Anonymous said...

See every gay person is a cross dresser.

ferschitz said...

ooookaaayyy, well, where to begin?

First we have a great contender for one of the weirdest photoshops I've seen yet (and that's saying a lot with these inept photoshops that 'baggers create): Barney Frank's head pasted onto a Militarily dressed torso with some woman's garter belt, stocking & stiletto heels legs. WOW! Hey, 'bagger: that's SOME fantasy ya got goin' on there!! Did ya like dressing up in mommy & daddy's clothes when you were growing up on all of them army bases??? whooo-eeee.

And then yes:

1. By definition, EVERY GLTB is a cross-dresser. EVERY single one of them.

2. Republicans definitely spend an excessive and inordinate amount of time focusing on teh ghey... wonder why that is??? As I ranted recently, it's amazing when a Republic, such as Mark Souder, actually gets busted for doing it with an adult female. That's really the exception to the rule, but I digress.

3. Most of the enlisted folks have no problem whatsoever with openly gay folks in the military. And many other countries have openly gay folks serving with no problems. It's only a cetain small portion of our population seems to have issues with this, and then you see photoshops like this and ya gotta wonder.... seems like their heads are not just up their OWN butts.

Celia said...

I don't think those shoes would be very practical in a combat situation. And those stockings would certainly get torn. People just don't think through their terrible photoshops.

Also, I am continually fascinated by the people that seem to be under the impression that Barney Frank is a femme cross-dressing queen. I'm not even from the US and I can tell he isn't.

Anoner said...

These kind of people can only "visualize" Barney Frank as a cross-dresser because they don't have good imaginations. Plus apparently they think every gay man is - to use very outdated terminology - a "Nancy boy," as if that's the ONLY way gay men behave, look, act, dress, etc.

Pretty limited world view, which is not surprising.

gruaud said...

Barney Frank is one of the very best members of
Congress. He's smart as hell, quick-witted,
funny, and gets things done.

Conservatives SHOULD be afraid of him.

But mostly they're afraid of catching teh gay
off him.

Reminds me of that Onion op-ed:
"Why do all these homosexuals keep sucking
my cock?"

Google if you haven't read it before.

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