Fw: More Government Mismanagement



Anonymous said...

As bad as this is, it't really not. A small number of cases for a microscopic (in government terms) amount of money. For those who worship at the altar of the free market, I defy you to find a big business with no comparable waste or mismanagement.

gruaud said...

Let's get rid of all government programs, because
sometimes there's corruption.

You guys are so desperate to return to the Gilded
Age, aren't you?

You'll be sorry....

Anonymous said...

Wow, $26.7 million in waste. That sounds like an awful lot, doesn't it?

But what happens if we interject some perspective?

Total federal budget for 2009: $3.1 trillion. That's $3,100,000,000,000.

Total Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 spending: $357 billion. That's $357,000,000,000.

Total tax credits for first-time homebuyers: $6.6 billion. That's 66,000,000,000. [Hey wait a sec - did I hear TAX CREDITS? Isn't that kind like TAX CUTS? I thougth Repubs loooooved tax cuts?]

Total waste found in the homebuyer program is said to be $26.7 million. That's $26,700,000.

The last number looks a lot smaller in perspective, doesn't it?

(I'd giver you percentages, but my cruddy calculator doesn't handle these big numbers well.)

Furthermore, here's a thought: Maybe BETTER REGULATION and MORE MONEY FOR ENFORCEMENT would reduce waste!

Oh, but that's right - Republicans want to DEREGULATE everything, CUT enforecement, and FIRE government employees - including the ones who might provide checks and balances and catch fraud before it happens!

The idiocy of this is...well, as idiotic as always.

ferschitz said...

How much money are taxpayers spending on the not-wars (have not really been declared) in Iraq and Afghanistan? And how's that working out for US taxpayers? But, oh, rightwingers are war hawks, so wasting countless amounts of YOUR tax dollahs (some of those dollars actually being sent over to Iraq on pallets to pay off ??? I dunno? Dick Cheney?) on useless wars that have only succeeded in making US citizens LESS safe is all A-OK with these fools.

And of course, the DoD NEVER "wastes" money on things like, oh I dunno, $500 toilet seats and hammers and stuff. But hey, it's the Pentagon with all those "General-y" types so what they hey: let's spend like drunken sailors on that stuff! Killin' peeps with gunz and stuff: woohoo!

Unless or until rightwingers actually pull their heads out of their butts and start demanding accountability for military spending, I'm not interested in any of this mealy-mouthed, distracting bull hockey.

Yet again created by a rightwing think-tank to distract citizens from what's really important.

But thanks to prior commenters for actually spelling it out.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, now that the new home buyer tax credit has expired, the housing market is tanking again.

And ferschitz, don't forget this little gem...

Anonymous said...

Instead of bailouts, Govt Motors, Cash for junkers, bank bailout, Medicar, and all other gov't run programs, why don't we just give the money to the people who earned the money anyway. CAPITALISM is better than socialism anyday.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

WTF is medicar?

Oh, you must mean medicare. The thing that everyone pays into and has provided security for tens of millions of elderly Americans. Ya, lets scrap that nonsense.

But I get your point, lets scrap the whole bloody thing. First thing to go: the over bloated military industrial complex. No more funding for stupid ass Republican wars. No more Blackwaters or Halliburtons.

Next will be the prison industry, which exists largely to benefit a wealthy few at the expense of the taxpayer.

After that we can get to the farm subsidies which have the lovely effect of costing us money AND making our diets less healthy.

Then we could cut all subsidies for gas and other fossil fuels. Hey, its capitalism right? They should be able to turn a profit without sucking from the government teat.

How's all this sounding anon?

Hooray4US said...

Agree with the last Anon post (and others that are sane). People who bandy about terms like "capitalism" and "socialism" usually don't have a clue about the meaning of those terms.

If this country stopped the wars and trimmed down the overly beefed up DOD budget, we'd be in a lot better financial state.

Rightwingers have been brainwashed into focusing on mostly inconsequential stuff. Keep your eyes on the prize: the biggest suck in our budget are the Wars. Stop those and we have trillions of $$$ right away.

Wake up, sheeple.

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