As you all must know by now, America is in the midst of a disaster of massive proportions due to a giant hole that has, for far too long, been spewing toxic waste into our environment and wreaking further havoc on large sectors of our already severely wounded economy.Until now, little if anything has been done to seal up this hole and contain the damage. In response to this crisis, Our Great Leader stepped forth and boldly demanded, in a manner befitting his vast leadership skills, that someone, “Plug the damn hole!

 And, at last, someone did…


ferschitz said...

Aaaah, what we've all been waiting for! The BP's PR on hyperdrive sent out to distract idiotic tea baggers from the criminal, economic and ecological disaster brought upon the USA as a nation, ruining many small and mid-sized businesses forever, destroying our environment and causing untold harm overall.

Yeah: while that giant sucking sound that Tea Baggers think they hear is BHO's mouth being plugged up by a GOP "dummie," the dummy Tea Baggers IGNORE the "beauty" of our "free market" at work: BP ruining many citizens lives and livelihoods for generations to come.

Yeah: great shiny object with which to distract stupid Tea Baggers. They will wet themselves over this nonsensical distraction.

Enjoy your propoganda from BP & the GOP, 'baggers!

katz said...

Remember the days when conservatives still thought he was an Islamic communist, but at least acknowledged that he was an eloquent and well-spoken one?

Also, no "Photoshop Is Hilarious" tag?

gruaud said...

As always, how silly you contards are.

Obama has steered the economy from flying
off the precipice, which was exactly what the
fat-cats wanted. Because they want SLAVE

That means you, dummies.

Rush et al would love to see you enslaved.
And they'd blame the liberals, as always.

When is your alarm clock going to ring?
You DID set it, right?

Oh, you set it for blacks gaining equality.

Silly me.

Try setting it for CEO's screwing the crap
out of you, instead. I think you'll be

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