Fw: Democrat Town Hall Meeting

This is what the followers of B.O.[fits huh?] think.White people have set on thier butts and let this element take over. If you spoke the truth you were labled raciest. I beleive in truth ahd moralies based on the Bible and the Constiution that this country was founded on. If that lables me a raciest I am proud to be one.

Subject: Democrat Town Hall Meeting

This is an example of things to come when the politicians don’t listen to the people who put them in office!

When told "This used to be America." The police officer responded, "It ain't no mo!"   I'm afraid he's more right than we want to believe.



gruaud said...

I hate whimsically authoritarian cops of any

But why do I get the impression that if the cop
was white and that was me with my 'Bush is a
pussy!" sign, the writer of that amazing intro
would applaud as I was being tasered and

Anonymous said...

The (conservative) Supreme Court already ruled that Freedom of Speech does not exist in the same ways on school grounds. Conservatives praised the decision at the time. Now they don't like it? Color me unsurprised by yet another case of Republican hypocrisy and ignorance.

Maybe instead of videotaping their stupid little adventures at school, the writer could enroll in some night courses to learn how to fucking spell (or at least how to use spell check).

katz said...

What is it with these guys and using "Democrat" as an adjective?

ferschitz said...

1. A white dude is told by a black cop that (I think; a tad unclear) he cannot carry his sign of Obama as the Joker with very incendiary language on it onto some gov't property.

2. The AA cop, Wesley Cheeks, makes some statements to the effect that "it's not America" mainly to get the white dude out of his face. Officer Cheeks actually behaves mostly with courtesy and does explain several times that it's trespassing (??) for the white dude to carry the sign over onto some property.

3. White dude is mad and yells at Officer Cheeks that he is a "facist" and other stuff.

So, eh? Where to begin? Well firstly the racist cracker who sent out this nearly one year old YouTube cannot spell - a testimony to the efficacy of the goal of Republicans to dumb down the education system. Heckuva job on that one, Republics!

However, dumb racist crackers ARE entitled to a viewpoint and a vote, so moving along to the video... I have to go along with gruaud on this one. Not sure why the white dude couldn't carry his nasty sign into the Town Hall. However, I assume that there was some local ordinance or other that forbid it. What remains unclear from this one-sided video is the likely fact that NO signs were permitted... NOT just this one stupid nasty rightwing b.s. sign.

And even IF just this ONE white dude was singled out by teh dreaded uppity cop, who CLEARLY didn't know his place, well: so?

As gruaud said, during the reign of Bush the dumber, nearly all rightwing gatherings expressly forbid lefties or Democrats from even entering the area where the event happened. People with T Shirts that had language on them that Republics didn't like were forcibly ejected.

So, where oh where was the white dude in the video, and the racist cracker sending out this email, when situations like this REGULARLY and REPEATEDLY happened under Bush? Where were these racist tea baggers then? Why weren't they shouting "facist" at the police and rent-a-cops who routinely ejected Democratic voters simply for having a the wrong T shirt on (never mind having nasty signs... those weren't let within MILES of Republican events from 2001 - 2008).

So: IOKYAR applies, along with: if you're a Tea Bagger, you're a completely abject hypicrit, along with being a totally bigoted racist. I mean seriously: like Officer Cheeks was just sooooo taking away the WHITE dudes "rights."

Sheesh, whining crybabies as usual. Victimizing bull hockey nonsense. Grow up and get a clue.

Tootseye said...

I wonder how these rightwingers would feel if the roles were reversed, and Officer Cheeks was white and the whoever was carrying the sign was an African American or a Mexican American?

Oh yeah, right, it is difficult to locate people of color in the Tea Party movement.

But still, I wonder how these conservatives would react to a role reversed situation?

Do you think they would be as morally outraged and completely victimized if a white cop was telling off a black person in the exact same way?? I wonder...

Anoner said...

You have a point, Tootseye, because the email sender says "White people have set on thier butts and let this element take over." What the heck is that supposed to mean? How ridiculous. Because one black cop stops a white person from doing whatever illegal thing they feel like doing, suddenly this white person is all up in arms about the bible and the "Constiution."

WTF?? It really is pretty pathetic if you pick out one YouTube and base all your decisions on one incident, where it's not at all clear what's going on.

Yes, Mr. White KKK Tea Party Person, you ARE a racist (and no, you are not at all "racy" and that's for sure).

Zeno said...

Once again, the totally illiterate take up arms to defend their imaginary way of life, as if America was ever the way they dreamed it was.

It's nice of them to warn us with their quaint misspellings and the insistent use of "Democrat" as an adjective. People who do that are letting us know that they're jerks. Thanks, jerks!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where this person buys their white sheets? WalMart? KMart? Or only when the Piggly-Wiggly has a special?

ferschitz said...

To Zeno: well to be fair, it wasn't all that long ago that such people did get away with murder. They've never forgiven LBJ for pushing through the Civil Rights Act - that's when the white southeners left the Democratic party in droves, and hence you see the relatively newish face of the RepubliKKKan party.

Those of us who are a certain age well remember the "good old days" of American Apartheid. Make no mistake, those lynchings happened not all that long ago.

So this pitiful loser is just grieving because he cannot get away with such stuff quite so easily anymore. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Why do I do keep hearing that banjo music from "Deliverance" when I read this forward? Wonder if this person has "pretty lips" and likes to squeal like a pig?

Wheeee wheeeeeeeee wheeeeeeee

Hooray4US said...

I defend all citizens rights to civil disobedience and to protest. Too bad that Republicans only whine when their rights to protest may be infringed (it's unclear from the video why the cop was telling the person to put down the sign; they may have been a reason for it that makes sense; just cannot tell). Republicans would only clap and cheer if the same thing happened to a Democratic protester (as they did a lot during the Viet Nam war protests).

So what we have here is typical rightwing hypocrisy and double standards writ large.

They are a bunch of cry-babies, aren't they? And bigoted.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's it.

The right are NOT racists! There "raciests". Got it.

I'm so glad we cleared up THAT little misunderstanding!

It was driving us all crazy...we'd say they're racist, they'd insist they're not racist, and we'd go back and forth.

So everyone remember, please: the n-gg-- hatin', white-sheet-wearing, Jim Crow-nostalgic, anti-brown-people voters ARE NOT RACIST. They are RACIESTS.

Kindly use correct terminology from now on.

Anonymous said...

Think this email was forwarded by Senator "Raghead" Knotts of South Carolina:


Thanks last Anon post: guess Senator Knotts is also a bigoted raciest, too. Do you think one of piggy relatives or staffers sent out this email? Oink, oink, oink... yet another fat, flatulent, porcine, ugly, nasty, white male Republican pissed off because he's a nasty mofo.

"Have you seen the little piggies?..."

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