Fw: West Coast Bumper Stickers

Subject: West Coast Bumper Stickers

In California we measure highway distance not by miles, but by travel
time. Sometimes it can take forever to go a couple of miles, which gives
you a lot of time to read people's bumpers, Obama wanted change and

He is getting it because the bumper messages, they are a changing


Anonymous said...

Hey, YOU'RE the one capitalizing the "He" refering to Obama in the middle of a sentence.

Nobody else ever said he was God.

Anoner said...

What? Did Erich Segal write the second one? I always hated "Love Story," and the notion that anyone - whether a US Pres or whatever - should "never apologize" is crap. Why don't these people practice the Christianity that they love to throw constantly in everyone's face? I'd give these people more credit if they practiced what they preached.

ferschitz said...

What is this? Old news day? Nothing else hateful to say day?
Running out of ideas with which to uselessly bash Obama day?

Boring... next!

katz said...

Ummm...he didn't see these in California. Especially not California's urban areas. And the fact that they're all from the same unhinged website is a mighty coincidence.

Also, if you can't make the statement concise enough to read in a legibly-sized font, don't put it on a bumper sticker.

I'm assuming this forward was started by the frothing idiot who started www.patriotdepot.com, trying to make it look like *sniff* someone cared enough to buy something out of the dozens of pages of crazy junk he sells for absurd prices.

Marc with a C said...

I think that when they say "west coast" they are referring to the west coast of the great salt lake.

Hooray4US said...

There are plenty of people in Caleeeefornia who would enjoy having bumper stickers of this ilk on their cars, but the messages are rather too long for that purpose.

So, FAIL, due to ineptness of message.

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