Fw: I vote Honorary US Citizenship for Pat Condell ................R/ T.

Subject: Fwd: I vote Honorary US Citizenship for Pat Condell ................R/ T.

this guy tells it like it is; pls watch

Sent: 6/16/2010 8:05:26 P.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: I vote Honorary US Citizenship for Pat Condell


Anonymous said...

What? This guy is a popular atheist comedian -- much more on our side than on the right-wing side.

Anonymous said...

The RW-ers are stupid and lazy bacause they don't research and they immediately think he's in their camp just because he bashes muslims.

Much the same way they quote out of context or use music from those actually on the left because of a few key words that sound good to them.

Whaddya want form a bunch of ignorant crusty old dolts on aol dialup?

gruaud said...

Hey wingnuts -- ask Condell what he thinks about
your blonde, blue-eyed, dinosaur-ridin' Jesus.

ferschitz said...

Rightwingers haven't figured out yet that today's comedians tend to diss everyone equally. I guess if wingers hear their favorite "hate" group dissed, they clap and cheer. What they don't get is that the comedian will move right along to diss old racist farts, too.


katz said...

gruaud: Hey! That's true! There's a picture!

Snarla said...

Just a few seconds into it and "the Islamization of Europe" was enough to do me in.
Let's check the facts: Europe is approximately 3% Muslim. Scary!

gruaud said...

That was denial on an historic, epic level.

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