Fw: Hewlett Packard Printer non-help for a GI in Iraq


HP probably would like to see this video die quickly.
This soldier in Iraq had an HP printer which quit working. He contacted HP tech support for help to fix it.  HP told the soldier that he would have to pay them for the advice. Watch this 60 second video for his response to them.


Anonymous said...

The notion that our soldiers are in Iraq to "protect our freedom" is ludicrous. Bothers me when people say it, and to hear one of our soldiers say it is no different. Maybe that's what he has to believe to keep fighting this war that Bush started for no apparent reason other than revenge. No one has ever demonstrated the Iraqi threat to my "freedom" prior to 2003.

Other than that, I really can't comment on this video otherwise. A friend and I once destroyed (with fire and an axe) a brand new lawnmower that would not work, no matter how much we tried to get help from the distributor and manufacturer. We took Poloroids. I'm that old.


LiberalGunner said...

Did he really want something for nothing? Tech support is a privilege not a right. Why should he have special treatment?

Anonymous said...

@ LiberalGunner Kinda sounds like socialism. Getting something you want because someone else worked for it.

gruaud said...

This fails on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

So you're telling me that none of the tech guys in the Army might be able to help him?

Also, why do our troops hate the free market? Shouldn't he have known before he bought it that fixing it would cost more money? Its called big business, sir, and sadly you're fighting for it a lot more than you're fighting for anyone's "freedom".

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing a great oppourtunity! Which current (as of today) Republican candidate is a former head of HP? Carly Fiorina, of course!

I can see it now:

"Carly Fiorina directed a company which screws over soldiers, the same soldiers which were fighting for YOUR FREEDOM!. Now she wants to represent us in the Senate? Lets say no way to the greedy troop hater!"

ferschitz said...

1. Sorry soldier, but this is the freedom that you're fighting for: the freedom to pay for that conservative wet dream of the marketplace. If you believed the conservative hype about "support the troops," then I'm very sorry to tell you that you were LIED to by Bush on down. They don't support you, and they never will. You are just serf cannon-fodder. Get used to it.

2. Agree with last Anon post: Carly Fiorina nearly ran HP into the ground. I own HP stock, and it's taken YEARS for the company to "come back" after being severely mis-managed by La Fiorina. Of course, she got this obscene golden parachute when the Hewlett and Packard families kicked her sorry butt out of HP. And so, soldier, you can THANK Fiorina for the rip-out Tech Support fees that you have to pay to fix your printer. HP didn't used to charge those fees, but they do now bc of how much it cost (billions) to kick Fiorina out of HP.

3. And now, Mr. Soldier, Carly Fiorina is using the obscene amounts of money that she got for being an utter disaster of a CEO for HP (if I was as abjectly crappy in my job, as Fiorina was, I would have been fired a long ago and with no golden parachute. Nice for Fiorina - eh?) to run for Senator of CA. Doesn't make sense to you, Soldier? Yeah: doesn't make sense to me, either, but hey: Carly is a Republican, so Fiorina "supports the troops" as much as Bush does: which is NOT AT ALL.

4. PAY up Soldier: this the the freedom that you're fighting so hard for: the freedom to be ripped off by the obscenely wealthy, like Fiorina, even when your in the combat zone. And now: Fiorina, because she's bored or something, is using her billions to buy herself a Senate seat... no doubt so that she can get in on all the payola that our Senators and Congress folk get from all of the other giant corporations. Don't expect Fiorina to "support the troops" anymore if she becomes a Senator... Fiorina is only out for whatever money she can grab for herself.

5. Good luck with that, Soldie, because, truly, you're on your own. Don't expect any help from Republicans because they won't give it to you. Pay up, put up and STFU is their motto. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

My HP printer quit working, HP tech support helped figure out the problem for free, and sent me a new print head for free. It was still under warranty, though, and I didn't get obnoxious at the tech support guy which always helps.

Hooray4US said...

HP does charge for Tech Support if the item is not under warranty. HP hardware is pretty cheap. Where HP makes money is from consumables and tech support.

Hey: it's the vaunted marketplace. That's the way it works; let the buyer beware.

Agree with ferschitz that Carly Fiorina was a nightmare for HP; is a lousy business "manager;" and it's painful to watch CA Republicans worshipping at her feet because of her "business acumen." I wish Republicans would be consistent and actually elect someone with talent, but I might as well wish for a billion dollars for me, rather than for rip-off Fiorina.

katz said...

Great catch, anonymous. She won, too.

Dirty secret: I voted crossover Republican for her. Replacing Tom "Potentially Serious Candidate" Campbell with Carly "Demon Sheep" Fiorina should keep Barbara Boxer's seat secure.

Tootseye said...

It seems like Republicans just want to vote for rich people to get into office. Doesn't matter what their skills or knowledge or capabilities or competencies are. Just that they're filthy rich. Maybe they think it'll trickle down to them?? Good luck with that because most rich people are the biggest tightwads. Guess they have their voters bamboozled though.

Anonymous said...

While I understand the "something for nothing" argument, what about the "stand by your products" argument. I do find it somewhat grating when you purchase something, it stops working that neither the store you purchased it from or the manufacturer will give you any advice. Sure, maybe is does cost them moeny, but what are the odd s the next printer this guy buys is from HP?

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