Fw: Fw: Why Nashville Had No Looters


LiberalGunner said...

I thought there was nothing worthwhile to loot.

Marc with a C said...

In the words of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, "I mean, it doesn't really look like he has any real money...or a job...or even a decent shirt fer Christsakes!"

gruaud said...

My favorite battle of the Civil War was the
battle of Nashville.

We really stuck it to you Rebs; not even
Gettysburg was as lopsided. And we knocked
the livin' SHIT out of ya at Gettysburg.

Don't give us an excuse to do it again.

Anonymous said...

I guess in Nashville, organizational names are preceded by the word "drunk" or "drunks". No need to spell it out, it is already implied.

Anonymous said...

I should have said, includes the words "drunks" and "guns". For example, "The Nashville Drunk Chamber of Commerce with Guns".

ferschitz said...

To prior Anon: is that like the Chinese Fortune cookie "game" where everyone reads out their fortune and - instead of adding "in bed" at the end of every fortune - says "drunk and with a gun" at the end of fortune? Maybe that's how they do the fortune cookie game in Nashville? Kinda looks that way to me (except, gosh, eating at a Chinese restaurant might be, you know, not white-bread enough for these folks).

katz said...

Oooh! Let me try!

Um... Drunk National Tea Party Convention with Guns?

Conan O'Brien's Drunk Rockabilly Concert with Guns?

I'm getting a distinct "give us an excuse to shoot black people" vibe from this, no?

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