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LiberalGunner said...

I thought Europe liked BHO? Isn't France one of those Socialist countries?

Anonymous said...

This came out first during the Bush administration.


ferschitz said...

For those new to posting here, you will soon learn that many RWF email "jokes" - like this one - are just recycled from progressive jokes about W. The fact is: most conservatives don't have a sense of humor; they have to "borrow" from lefties to say anything remotely amusing.

Meh: in comparison to most of the dreck we see, this is mild. Humor fail; plagerism; but... tolerable.

Zeno said...

Seen it. Yes, it was about Bush. (Right on the money, too.)

katz said...

Of course it was about Bush. He was the one that made us all have to sew Canadian flags to our backpacks when traveling in Europe.

gruaud said...

Conservative forwarders seem to be only
marginally clever than other conservatives.

That's enough for conservative voters, because
they vote emotionally and not rationally. But
how will you convince the Independents,
I wonder?

Because recycling idiot-bastard-son Dumbya
jokes won't fly, I guaran-fucking-tee you.

Anonymous said...

If it's an American company in France, they would have to change to European sizes. So a size "4" would be a size "34."

I have lived in France for almost 2years and have yet to see a size "4." Not only this joke's bad it's bullshit. Unfortunately many people don't realize this.

To respond to the first poster; LiberalGunner: Yes, majority of Europe likes Obama and yes, France is a socialist country.... like many countries in Europe. There is nothing wrong with being a decent human being helping others. People are not the same in every country and people do work very hard here. That said, I can't think of another place I would rather be right now. :)

Hooray4US said...

Oh my, some elitist European country happens to like BHO, so that must meeeaaannn.... ??? That some European country with a more socialist form of government likes BHO?

I thought we considered France an ally once again, but I guess the Tea Baggers amongst us are offended if anyone "different" has a favorable opinion of the US President. Go figure.

Anoner said...

I suppose if the socialist frogs in France hated Obama, then the Tea Partiers would be happy??

No? Didn't think so. Just more nonsense from the party of "NO". Nothing of any value to add, just a predictable reaction that signifies nothing.

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