Fw: "BAMA BILLBOARD" - Tuscaloosa,Al. NEAR- 525 Skyland Boulevard E.



CharlieE said...

Rather cryptic if you ask me. What is this billboard supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

Well Charlie, it seems that these people are upset with the legislative policy agenda being pursused by the Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration.

According to them, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have somehow managed to become something of a Politburo style cabal, enacting their crazed agenda without any cooperation or consent from the majority of "the people".

Of course, Obama was elected overwhelmingly by "the people", and Pelosi and Reid are only in positions of power because enough of their fellow party members were elected to office by "the people". Their agenda can be enacted only by the majority votes of that same group. Yet somehow this clear and fairly won Democratic mandate has been invalidated.

Not really 100% sure how, but it probably has something to do with the ancient poltiical law of "Waahh, we lost, we're out of power, so we're taking our ball and going home!"

Or maybe they really are space mutants with mind control powers.

Peter said...

With the obligatorily unnecessary apostrophe in "say's", natch.

"I can read the Constitution, even though I flunked 5th-grade English."

Anonymous said...

Short version: We don't like the negro, the chick, and the Mo. We only like good, god-fearing baptist white guys like the last president.

ferschitz said...

Hmmm... did this town in AL have a similar billboard when W was a Republican Pres, Trent Lott was the Republican Senate Majority Leader, and Dennis Hastert was the Republican Speaker of the House?

No? Didn't think so.

It's OK if You're a Republican.

Typically stupid Republican/Tea Party propoganda, double standards and hypocrisy. And yeah, throw in racism and sexism, too.

Zeno said...

Puzzling. They're using official portraits of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid instead of scraping up some grotesquely unflattering caricatures. Someone's just not on the job! How incompetent of them.

katz said...

This...would be a lot more convincing if Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were accomplishing much of anything.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I agree with Katz!
For Charlie E: It would only mean something to those who listen to RW media constantly, (or monitor it) You have to already KNOW the message in order to GET it. But it is so far from reality that I mentally play Twilight zone music when I see stuff like this.

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