Fwd: FW: Interesting Video

Date: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 9:30 AM
Subject: FW: Interesting Video

A soon to be Classic...

Brought to you by the good ol' creator of
AHAB THE ARAB and many other songs,
Ray Stevens.. I like what he says in this one
so give it a listen, I think you will also..


A lighter way of looking at it.



Anonymous said...

Ugh. Who is this clown?

This video is almost so stupid as to cross the line into satire of how wingnuts think. Almost.

Best line: "We've heard from Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh; what you've got in line for grandma".

A sad reminder that, as stupid, inane, hateful and otherwise moronic as they are, the Fox News talking heads actually have an audience who believes the crap they spout.


Anonymous said...

Wow...too many lemons in your water.

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