Fwd: Voted best picture of 2012


gruaud said...

I think the GOP should nominate Palin every four
years forever.

ferschitz said...

Well considering that some of these so-called "good christians" believe in foot washing & other humbling traditions espoused by Jesus, this picture says to me that BHO is behaving in a Christ-like fashion, whilst Babble Spice is, as usual, behaving like the Pharisees and other assorted types, like the money-changers in the Temples.

So: in actuality, this photo accords with what Jesus was truly all about, and in that sense (only), it's a good photo.

In the sense that wingers wish to demean BHO in a very racist (yes, Virginia, THIS is racist) shoe-shine BOY kind of way: total FAIL!

But: perspective is all.

These ersatz "christianists" display their true "colors" every time, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Who voted this best picture? The KKK?

Celia said...

It's not even technically good, and I know shit-all about Photoshop. Both heads are too big for their respective host bodies, and Sarah's has the added failure of having a giraffe's neck as well. People spend more time on putting captions on pictures of cats than on this thing.

Anonymous said...

I demand a recount?

Zeno said...

My right-wing father had this image on his home computer. I tracked down the original source and documented it here: [Link]

The original photographer is deeply offended by the right-wingers who Photoshopped his work in order to denigrate a black presidential candidate.

Tootseye said...

Doncha just love all of the racist ugly stuff that rightwingers have sent out at Xmas, while at the same time whining and crying about the "war on Christmas"???

Typical & disgusting. Wish they'd look in the mirror and STFU.

PS Agree w/Celia that this is a very lousy photoshop, but who's surprised by that??

Anonymous said...

"I think the GOP should nominate Palin every four years forever."


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