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I checked this out on snopes & it is true

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I am asking everyone of you too send this one on asking people not to attend any movies that this person is in and to let the operators of the movie house know the reason you are not attending the movies she is in.....


If this makes you as angry as I, you will surely pass it along.

In God We Trust


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Kathy is losing the hardcore christian part of her audience! How will she ever survive without people who probably don't know who she is and would probably hate her if they did?

Shouldn't they be kinda happy that she was making fun of all the faux-Christianity that goes on in show business?

BTW, I love how they always cry about how no one ever does this to Mohammad. Probably because a) the majority of this country either identifies as Christian or is deeply immersed in a culture with a lot of self-righteous Christians and b) Mohammad wasn't the son of God! Hence, it wouldn't make any sense or be funny to say something like that.

ferschitz said...

Yes, this IS all true, and I happen to think it's pretty funny. But as we've seen here, RWF'ers have no sense of humor, unless you want to count saying racist shit or having racist cartoons or birther pictures as "funny."

Here's what Kathy Griffin said in response to negative criticism about her award speech:

She was simply parodying rappers, starlets & atheletes who thank Jesus for the recognition they receive "as if Jesus doesn't have anything better to do than to make sure someone got their People's Choice Award or whatever."

It's called comedy, folks, and often includes snarky black humor, but wingtards also hated George Carlin, who would've gotten a good guffaw out of this one, esp the ever so predictable rightwing ginned up, pearl-clutching outrage.

OH NOES, don't watch Kathy Griffin, the she-devil!! OH NOES!!111!!!!

PS NOTE how RWFers seem competent and capable of checking Snopes (and believing it) WHEN it suits them.

Anonymous said...

Why would Kathy Griffin make a snarky comment about Muhammad in this context??? (strictly a rhetorical question).

One more time with feeling: teh stoooped, it burns.

Anonymous said...

Has she ever been in a movie?

Tootseye said...

LOL! thanks last Anon post: no I don't think KG is in (or has been in) any movies (that I know of or could discover by, hey: simply googling her name), so hey, let's all waste the time of various movie theatres protesting them showing all of those non-existent KG movies!!!

I agree w/other prior anon post:

the stupid burns, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Jesus would be so happy to have this support. Clearly: Jesus needs all the help He can get.

gruaud said...

Love Kathy Griffin.

"If you delete this, nothing bad will happen to you..."

Imagine my relief.

Anonymous said...

You know, they're right!

Imagine the outrage if someone objected to all the Mohammed-thanking that goes on in American award ceremonies!

Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

Besides which this acceptance speech happened 2007. Guess wingtards have to dig ever deeper to find their outrage du jour??

Hibryd said...

This woman is, by her own admission, a D-List Attention Whore of the highest magnitude. Being shocked that she said something headline-grabbing is like being shocked that a rap song had dirty words.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or are the right-wing forwards getting more stale and desperate?

Anonymous said...

shorter answer to last anon post: Yes!

Anonymous said...

RWers just can't pass up a chance to promote hating someone whose views are different from their own. Even if it's someone they really never heard of or whom they would never go see perform anyway. And never mind if this happened two years ago. Its never to late to start hating on somebody.

Anonymous said...

"operators of the movie house"

The next time I head down to "the movie house" to see one of them new "talkies," I will certainly do this.

"This woman is, by her own admission, a D-List Attention Whore of the highest magnitude. Being shocked that she said something headline-grabbing is like being shocked that a rap song had dirty words porn contained sex."

Fixed that for you.

Anonymous said...

She was in pulp fiction, muppets in space, and...Oh, Dilbert, remember that.

But yeah, isn't her base mostly liberal and gay anyway. You want to hurt her, forward a fake e-mail of her calling someone a fanny pirate or saying that she just doesn't care about what's happening on reality TV

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