Fw: Best Buy.no Merry Christmas.just Muslim greetings.

Curator's note: This RW FWD: provided fodder for my column this past Sunday. I write about the "War on Christmas" most every year, as I am continually amazed by it ...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009 9:20 AM
Subject: Fw: Best Buy.no Merry Christmas.just Muslim greetings.

--- On Wed, 12/9/09, :

Subject: Best Buy.no Merry Christmas.just Muslim greetings.


So, where is MERRY CHRISTMAS????


BEST BUY insists on having "Seasonal Sales' and "Holiday Sales" and does not have any difficulty wishing "Happy Eid al-Adha." to the Muslims but ignore Christmas.. To appeal to Muslim shoppers this holiday season, Best Buy has been printing circulars in parts of the country with the greeting : "Happy Eid al-Adha." The Muslim holiday is Friday, and it marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca . It is about time we complain that Best Buy is dumping on Christians to please the Muslims. This has delighted the Muslims. But what about the Christian Majority?? We are not going to stand still for this kind of treatment. BOYCOTT THEIR STORE and pass this on to everyone you know!

Laura Gill
Preserve The American Dream



Anonymous said...

The "War on Christmas" horseshit is REALLY starting to wear thin.

Here's an idea: How about you jackasses stop worrying about what holiday it is that corporations are currently promoting to try and enhance their bottom lines, stop worrying about what kind of seasonal greetings you hear, and just generally PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN ASSES, and worry about some REAL GODDAMN ISSUES for once?

You know - the economy? global climate crisis? access to health care?

Or would that require actual goddamn thought, whereas getting offended about UTTER BULLSHIT is easy and somehow makes you feel good, via some sort of holier-than-thou moral masturbation?



Anonymous said...

True, but clarified via Snopes:


They didn't include Christmas in that particular ad because it wasn't a Christmas ad. They INCLUDED a Muslim holiday that fell close to the Thanksgiving weekend and further intend to also include Kwanza, Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, AND (gasp!) Christmas at the appropriate times.

It appears to me that these people are more interested in the exclusion of everything else than whether or not Christmas is included.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more important than Christmas and hopefully you will realize this before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Omigod, the RW trolls are like termites today.

gruaud said...

Very good column, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, are all these anon trolls the same person or is there some kind of low-IQ invasion going on here?

As for this ad and the BS "War on Christmas": if Christmas is so important and holy, why would you want soulless businesses to exploit it for their own financial gain? Is it really a good thing that they pander and whore out religion in order to hock their goods?

ferschitz said...

Not sure who "Laura Gill" is, but she sounds like someone who gets off on fapping herself in front of a mirror.

If you want a really good run down on the fucking "American Dream" that these deluded, self-serving, selfish, narcissitic, whining crybaby bitches and bastards love to fap themselves about, go read the Rude Pundit's column of 12/15/09, wherein he highlights how one all American woman, trying to live the so-called "American Dream," named Jacqueline Kelly, mother of six, DIED FOR LACK OF HEALTH INSURANCE:


Oh but that's right. Selfish whores (apologies to sex workers for such a vile comparison) like Laura Gill have much more important "issues" to concern themselves with, rather than the DEATH of someone POOR. Bitch-whore Laura would rather LIE about some ad she saw somewhere.


Snarla said...

There was NO MENTION of CHRISTMAS in a Thanksgiving sale advertisement!!!!!!!!!
Next thing you know they'll be leaving Christmas out of Fourth of July ads, Valentine's Day ads, and Arbor Day ads. This must not stand!

But hey, there's an anti-immigration group in Italy having a "White Christmas" campaign this year. Not kidding.


Anonymous said...

"Preserve the American Dream"?

What, is the right suddenly turning pro-union?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming anonymous troll 1 was kidding, since I thought Easter was the bigger religious holiday. Either that, or it was the ghost of Circuit City past.

I'm glad BB did this, but man, they should have seen this bs a mile away. If Christmas is not mentioned, its a war on Christmas. If anything else is mentioned, its a war on Christmas. For instance, I was at the national menorah lighting last week and I couldn't believe they didn't reference Christmas AT ALL, so its clear this administration hates Jesus.

Anonymous said...

By, the way, to the commenter who mentioned the Northern League blather, let's just suggest that anti "dark skin" rhetoric goes over very poorly south of, well, there.

katz said...

Yeah, so would they be in favor of *enforcing* use of Christmas terminology? Wouldn't that be a kind of regulation?

sabina moon said...
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