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The Character of Sergeant Crowley: A “Beer Summit� photo that
tells it all
, August 1st at 12:27AM EDT
Doubtless all of you here are well aware of the “beer summit�
that took place the other day. However, I’m not entirely sure if
all of you saw a certain photo that speaks volumes as to the
character of Sergeant Crowley.

You can find the image at the White House’s official blog here
(I wonder how long it will be up there, though?).
The American Thinker had something interesting to say on the subject:
I am stunned that the official White House Blog published this
picture and that it is in the public domain. The body language is
most revealing.
Sergeant Crowley helps the handicapped Professor Gates down the
stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his
friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides
ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so
self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious?
And they are right. Sgt. Crowley had no reason to help Dr. Gates.
After all, wasn’t it Gates who had insulted both him and his
family? Furthermore, isn’t Obama supposed to be the emphatic one
here (after all, it’s a trait that only Democrats are supposed
to have because they “feel your pain�!) for inviting them down
in the first place in the hopes of reaching some sort of
understanding that never came to fruition?
But, in this unusually candid photo, the truth comes out. Obama
keeps on walking paying no heed to Gates, and it is Crowley, who
has been demonized throughout this entire incident, who is left to
help the man.
I can’t help but think back upon a certain photo I saw of
President Bush and Senator Robert Byrd.

President Bush had no reason to even want to help Senator Byrd,
who had spent much of his time in the Senate railing against the
Bush administration, particularly on the war in Iraq, yet he
helped the old man regardless.
Note the difference between the two Presidents. Furthermore, note
how both Bush and Crowley helped men who didn’t deserve it, at
least not from them.
Character isn’t about who you are when you know the spotlight is
on you, it’s about who you are when it isn’t, or when you
THINK it isn’t.


Anonymous said...

I think we had this one before, except not w/the lookit dear, sweet, lovable W helping the nasty leftarded jerkwad old dude.

Please! Let's just pull up any random photo of BHO and figure out something to pick fault with. When BHO breathes in, he is EVIL, and when he breathes out he is even eeevuler. What else is there to say? He one evil dude.


Anonymous said...

Putting aside the fact that this whole thing is a bunch of crap, I love the reasoning about how Sgt. Crowley is the real victim here. He has no reason to help Gates, given that Gates did such harm to him and he did nothing whatsoever to Gates (except, you know, arrest him without cause in his own home).

Anonymous said...

Response to 2d Anon post: agree! But ya see, Sgt Crowley is preceived by contards to be "one of theirs" bc he was so vilely, brutally & unfairly dissed by, you know, BLACKS (2 of them, no less, GANGED up on poor, pitiful Crowley = the eiptome of teh dreaded black racism against victimized whites). So, whatever Crowley did or did not do is completely irrelevant bc: IOKIYAR!!!!

gruaud said...

How do we know that Crowley didn't just seize Gate's arm to pretend to show his compassion?

That's right: we don't. Armchair psychology can cut both ways.

Anonymous said...

If he did help him the caption would have been. Look at Hussein helping the black radical while the white man is behind them.

Nicole Anell said...

"Furthermore, isn't Obama supposed to be the EMPHATIC one

Vocabulary fail. So close!

g said...

The Bush/Byrd pic is kinda creepy like grampa on great grampa porn and begs the question whos the catcher. is it coincidence the first letters of my word verification are "gais"? i think not!

Anonymous said...

Bush was always holding hands with guys. Usually they were wearing turbans and had oil all over their hands. Why don't the fucktards ever forward those to everyone?

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