My kind of preacher I get the feeling he does not like Obama at all,

Check him out on youtube he is hilarious



WOW!!!!!! I think he has had enough...........

That’s all I can say


Anonymous said...

Whats "sickening" is this person who should be ashamed of himself being bought off by the rightwing noise machine.

It's also "sickening" how bigoted contards are ever so willing to be bff w/some AA who will diss BHO for no real reason.

Sickening... so tired of the b.s.

Srsly, folks: please go to Town Hall meetings about Health Care Reform in your area and speak up respectfully and intelligently to voice your feelings & needs. Don't let the rabble have their way. I don't care if you're for it or against it, but I do care that we are all ABLE to hold intelligent, adult, respectful conversations about it.

g said...

The "right wing noise machine" is all about being bought off -- and they laugh all the way to the bank. People that know the big players from Glenn Beck to Anne Coulter will tell you its an act. Rev. Manning gets to do it tax free even because he operates under the guise of a church.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm tired of churches/relig. org/whatever getting tax free status whilst doing all kinds of political manipulation & exhortations from the (bully) pulpit. But that's not gonna change, unfortunately.

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