Fw: Vote on Obama's performance

Fw: Vote on Obama's performance

AT&T/Yahoo poll. Vote on Obama's performance.

No registration or anything, just vote and view the results. A one question poll.

Then pass it on.


bendk said...

...? "And I say, I say, this Yahoo poll doth proclaim that Barack "The Islamic Shock" Obama should step down! Passed this Saturday, August the 1, year of our Lord, 2009"

The hell is this?

CMcD said...

Here's a poll, promoted by for and by wingnuts, that conclusively demonstrates that wingnuts don't like Obama.


Anonymous said...

Shocking news report: conservatards hate NObama! Stay tuned for even more shocking news at 6 about exactly how much wingtards hate Barry Sotero who has no birth certificate....

Anonymous said...

I think this conclusively demonstrates that our country would look very different if we were all allowed to cast as many votes as we wanted from the comfort of our own homes.

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