Fw: Sonja Schmidt on Obama's "friends"

Long but worth watching.

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Subject: Sonja Schmidt on Obama's "friends"

Better pass this around real fast.......it might get pulled



Anonymous said...

Ah, Pajamas TV, the mark of responsible, hard-hitting journalism.

The summary: Several people Obama knows were black activists back in the '60s. And also Bill Ayers. This means that Obama is a terrist just like they all are today.

I sure look forward to having Rev. Wright trotted out as a sign of Obama's CRAAAZY LIBERAL ACTIVISM for the next three years.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what skeletons we turn up playing 6 degrees of separation with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld?

Or Prescott Bush, for that matter?

Too bad the Republicans practically own the mainstream media; otherwise they'd never win an election again.

Anonymous said...

Republican Congressman Wally Herger of Redding, CA held a town hall this past weekend. Some guy yelled out, bragging that he was quote, "A proud right wing terrorist." To which the Congressman responded, "Amen. God bless ya! Now there's a great American."

It's just so difficult trying to figure out WHEN it's "ok" to be a terrorist v. WHEN it's not "ok."

So: right wing nutjob, unstable extremist packing heat at a Pres. town hall & bragging about being a terrorist publically: just fine! Good patriot!

BHO happening to talk to Bill Ayers at some random event with dozens of others attending: EXTREME TERRORISM, RED ALERT, WHOOP, WHOOOP (shriek, cower in corner in abject fear)...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2: They GOP can still win because their campaigns are not constrained by facts. Huge disadvantage we have.

Anoymous #3: Let me make it easy for you. When can you be a terrorist? IOKIYAR

Anonymous said...

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