Fw: Send in the clowns

Send in the Clowns!



Anonymous said...

Yes, sore LOSERS, BHO's change IS a LOT of fun.

I agree that George, that Hair, Stephanopolous is a clown. And yes, folks like Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert & Bill Maher (who, hey, isn't even a Democrat, ya numbskulls) do sort of function like court jesters. But court jesters have always played a valuable role in telling truth to power (ever hear of Shakespeare? oh nevermind, you LOSERS think education is for suckers).

And Anderson Cooper is just so in BHO's pocket... NOT! What a fantasy that is.

And oh yeah, BHO simply cannot speak unless he has a telepromter. Sure, that's right, that's the ticket.

BHO wouldn't have to be in the banking & car business, if you republictards hadn't run them all into the ground. It certainly wasn't the goal of Democrats to do that; it's just the work that had to be done after 8 years of W running the country into the ground.

Oh well: don't bother watching. It's just a bunch of whining from the biggest sore losers around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary, Other Anonymous. My mother recently started sending me RWFs again (which I have been dutifully forwarding on) and there is a limit to how much of this I can take on a given day.

I watched Orly this morning, I think that video is enough.

Anonymous said...

Yikes: Oily Taint ain't fer sissies. She is one seriously unhinged moran. I'd like to see her Green Card or US citizenship papers to see if they're in order...

Anonymous said...

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