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Received today from a very dear friend and I am honored to send it on to you in the hope that you will be blessed by seeing it again.

Hi, The second time around is still quite positive.
What a great attitude towards life!

Anyway, if you have never seen him, you might enjoy this.
Imagine that his parents could have aborted him because he had no arms or
Legs, what some would call a freak of nature. Imagine that in some countries he would have been suffocated at birth?

And then, imagine the many lives, to whom he imparts hope whenever he speaks....

In the pending Health Care Law now in our Congress, if passed and in effect, this man in all probability would have been suffocated at birth or his mother forced to have an abortion. This possibility arises because there is NOTHING, NOTHING in the bill specifically stating that this would not be the case! Nor, is there anything in the bill that specifically states there will be no "forced death panels" for seniors and others whose quality of life does not meet the "norm". There is also nothing specifically stating that federal funds WILL NOT be used for abortions!? If it passes, America, like a number of European countries and the state of Oregon will have EXPENDABLE PEOPLE! No one is saying anything about this kind of information because even though it is not worded specifically in the bill, there is language that is so innocuous and misleading that it will HAVE TO BE INTERPRETED BY GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS WHO WILL BE APPOINTED BY THE CZARS WHO WERE APPOINTED BY OBAMA. Czars who are communists, those who promote forced sterilization by placing sterility drugs in drinking water of "undesirables", those who have co-authored books that promote eugenics. Obama made a statement in answer to a question about how he would govern and he answered by saying, "look at those around me, those with whom I surround myself that will tell you about me". Well, now we can see who he has surrounded himself with, communists, Marxists, tax cheats. lobbyists, liars and the list goes on and on.

I am the grateful mother of a son who could have been aborted because it was known that he would be a special needs child. During his short time my son blessed my life and brought so much happiness and joy into my life and into the lives of all who knew him. He taught me many things I would not otherwise have known. I miss him terribly and thank God daily for blessing my life with my Jeff.

If Obama and his Regime have their way, this world will be devoid of the "Jeffs" that God sends us to bless and enrich our lives.



gruaud said...

Lies again.

There will be no 'death panels'.

There will be no 'forced abortions'.

The only person who should have been aborted is the shill who wrote this forward.

Anonymous said...

Mr. President, NOWHERE in your bill does it state that scientists are forbidden from using fetuses in genetic experiments to breed KILLER DINOSAURS! How do you reasonably expect us to believe that the bill is not PROMOTING tyrannosauruses that can read and fly jet planes?!

Nicole Anell said...

Among the thousand things wrong with this email, also note the typical fetishization of disabled people -- i's not so much about their worth as human beings, but how much they ~inspire~ and "enrich the lives" of the rest of us.

Also, why didn't anyone tell me the STATE OF OREGON was killing people?

g said...

no offense to stupid retarded conservatives but abortions have been around since humans figured out sex was for more than just giggles -- and that was probably even before adam and eve had pet dinosaurs. Democrats did not invent abortions -- they just tried to make them a little bit safer so you could go to a professional and not an smelly guy in a wifebeater with a coathanger. Apparently coathangers make republicans hot.

Anonymous said...

I wish the woman who birthed this idiot had had an abortion instead. The world would be a better place.

What a bunch of crapulousness.

Well, my guess is that this is written by some stooge from Big Insurance. As has been documented, MANY of the screamers at town halls have now been proven to be Big Insurance employees and paid scabs.

So to the spooge who wrote this: go eff yourself!

Celia said...

More people who think "Czar" is a communist term. The Czar was overthrown by the communist revolution, numbnuts. Anyway, didn't Regan (he of the sainted Quiff) employ Czars? Why is it different now? Oh yes, Democrat.

Hibryd said...

Those killer dinosaurs will be the least of our problems after Obama forces doctors to use genetic engineering to turn all our babies gay! Because after carefully reading the bill I can't see anything that specifically prohibits that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is UP w/the anger about the Czars?? St. Reagan & both shrubs used them nearly as much.

But yeah: panties in a bunch about anything a Democrat does.

FEH: as someone said yesterday, the dead-end 27% will never like anything BHO does, so fahgeddaboudit.

Anonymous said...

Such flagrant disregard for any kind of logic is disturbing. Most rwfs have a bit more finesse than this--have their base become so unable to think that this could be convincing? This forward is at the bottom end of stupid.

Anonymous said...

To last Anon post: answers to your 2d & 3r sentences:

Yes and YES!!

It is disturbing... esp bc these fools vote.

Anonymous said...

This really reminds me of Gilda Radner as Emily Litella on SNL in the 70s. "Whats all this fuss I keep hearing about violins on television? Now why don't parents want their children to see violins on television?"

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