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> Subject: What if George did it?
> This is political bitching, but In the sense of fairness take a look.
> Think what you will, but there is definitely something to the following
> tidbits:
> :
> A FEW MONTHS AND COUNTING into the OBAMA YEAR (this info only collected
> for first 17 weeks)
> George W. Bush was president for eight years, some say eight long years
> ... so if you believe they were long years, and you're one of those who
> believe he got dumber and dumber the longer he remained in office, how do
> you feel about the following?
> Had George W. Bush made a clumsy joke at the expense of the Special
> Olympics (viz., helping the intellectually handicapped), would you have
> dismissed it as a non-issue?
> If George W. Bush had given an iPod to the Queen of England containing
> videos of his speeches, would you have thought "how cute!"
> If George W. Bush had bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, would you have
> approved?
> If George W. Bush had visited Austria and referred to "the Austrian
> language," would you have brushed it off as the understandable slip of a
> Harvard law grad?
> If George W. Bush had appointed (several) people to high places whose
> flawed character impaired them to the extent that they had difficulty
> remembering to file, much less pay, their income taxes, would you have
> dismissed this as minor cock-up that will all work out for the betterment
> of the nation? After all, they didn't mean to do it.
> If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major
> corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so,
> would you have approved? Now that the USA owns it, it must become OK?
> If George W. Bush had taken a cue from Hugo Chavez and politically
> dragooned a Republican Congress to allocate 5.6 Billion dollars for the
> creation of a civilian volunteer security force as strong and well
> equipped as the regular Army, mandating that this quasi- military force
> fall under his personal command and control, would you have been
> concerned?
> If George W. Bush had proposed doubling the size of the national debt,
> would you have approved?
> If George W. Bush had then proposed doubling the national debt again over
> the next 10 years, would you have approved?
> If George W Bush pushed the passage of a $785 Billion Stimulus bill and
> promised transparent tracking to reveal precisely how monies from the bill
> would be spent, then postponed oversight until 2010, would you approve or
> would you think something smelled "fishy"?
> If Bush had promised 48 hour advance posting of the same bill on the
> internet but only released it to the public two hours before congressional
> approval, would you have questioned his ethics? or maybe the
> Demo-Congress'?
> If Bush's White House Staff had spent over $300,000 flying Air Force One
> low over New York (for a publicity photo fly-by) scaring the hell out Of
> the citys residents, wouldn't you have expected Bush to make the pictures
> public? Would you have approved? Obama won't give them up, yet he saw fit
> to release the secret "torture memos".
> If George W. Bush had been "addicted" to using a TelePrompter, and seldom
> gave a speech without having one, wouldn't you think he was intellectually
> challenged?
> If George W. Bush had pre-approved/pre-picked the list of reporters
> allowed to ask questions at his press conferences and refused to call on
> the correspondent from MSNBC (FOX with Obama), would you have approved? Is
> that a fair and balanced news conference?
> If George W. Bush and a Republican Congress had given hundreds of millions
> of dollars to a group (the right-wing equivalent of ACORN) after its
> members had been convicted of voter registration fraud, would you approve
> of them to doing the 2010 Census, which will determine congressional
> districts for 10 years? Will you trust ACORN in 2010?
> Would you have approved of George W. Bush moving the census from the
> Department of Commerce into the White House and putting his Chief of Staff
> in control of the counting?
> Oddly enough, Barack Obama has committed all these faux pas in just
> weeks -- so brace yourself --sit back and enjoy, we still have
> approximately three years and eight months remaining for more boneheaded
> stuff and "oopsies". Or probably seven years plus because of the help of
> the press. Will we continue to look the other way and not see where we
> are headed?
> Honestly now, what if George did it? Would you bitch a little? Ca'mon,
> be honest.
> "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world.
> I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it.."
> - Barack Obama
> United We Stand or...


Celia said...

And if Barack Obama attempted to give Angela Merkel a shoulder-rub without her consent, what would the right-wingers say? If there were easily Googled pictured of Barack Obama holding hands with that same king of Saudi Arabia, what then? And, well, if it had been him who suggested the wire-tapping and the Patriot Act, I'm sure I don't know what conservative America would have made of it all.


gruaud said...

George Bush will go down as the worst president in US history and there is no possible way for the wingnuts to polish that little turd, try as they might.

Fail again.

Anonymous said...

Well, we've seen this litany of whining about how W is allegedly so much "better" than BHO. I won't go on except to remind that there are photos not only of W holding hands & happily skipping down a path w/King Saud, but there are phots of W kissing him full on the lips.

So, please: stow it, sore losers.

Anonymous said...

Again with ACORN? Since when did Obama give them hundreds of millions of dollars?

And since you're asking if I'd be pissed if there was a right wing group which did get billions from Buch Co despite sketchy dealings, I think I would be.

I'd really be pissed if some company tight with the Administration profited from billions in no-bid contracts and then did such shoddy work that US soldiers ended up injured or killed as a result.

I'd be really pissed if the administration paid billions to private mercenaries who shot first, shot second, and otherwise shot anything which got in their way with zero accountability for their actions.

I'd be really pissed if the Bush Administration planted friendly reporters to toss softball questions or required that only die hard Republican supporters be allowed into the "real" town hall meetings held by the President.

I'd be super pissed if Bush proposed doubling or tripling the national debt, especially given that he inherited a strong economy and a huge potential budget surplus.

Boy am I happy that none of those things happened during those 8 great Bush years!

Anonymous said...

"If George W. Bush had been "addicted" to using a TelePrompter, and seldom gave a speech without having one, wouldn't you think he was intellectually challenged?"

I remember distinctly thinking that Bush came off as "intellectually challenged" most of the times he spoke. If a teleprompter would have helped him, then damn do I wish he had used one. It would have been nice for America to look less stupid from 2000-2008.

Oh, wait. Shit.

Plus, on the word "addicted"... I do not think y'all should keep accusing other people of being intellectually challenged.

Anonymous said...

Well, W seldom gave a speech, and thank gawd for that. I agree w/the last post, if using a Telepromtr would've made W look smarter, I'd have been all for it.

Geez, the very times that W did speak, it was always cringe-inducing bc of his stupdity, and during his last year in office, he always seemed drunk (not that it mattered if he was bc he was never in charge or ever made any decisions, except to rub Angele Merkle's shoulders, which was one of the most cringe-inducing moments of his whole sorry term of office).


SoRefined said...

I'm pretty sure W did use a teleprompter for most speeches.

I don't understand that issue at all--it's not only what pretty much all politicians do, it's what most newscasters do, too. Not memorizing a speech doesn't make you stupid.

Anonymous said...

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