Fw: The economy


Anonymous said...

The urkel reference is kinda funny, but the rest of it is straight out of Lush Rimjob, Faux Noise, Glen Feck land of insanity. Of course the stock market plunging is ALL & ONLY BHO's "fault." Please don't look behind the curtin at the rethugs who deregulated everything, etc.

Crap like this is just a way to deflect attention from the lying theives & whores who sold our country down the river (and who are laughing all the way to some off-shore bank while the rest of us watch our savings go down the crapper... and into their pockets).

Sadly, some rubes out there in christianistan buy this nonsense, but then again, the KKK was never gonna go for BHO anyway.

C.M. Gonzalez said...

Well, I can certainly say I was not expecting to see that.

Anonymous said...

No, Urkoma, you didn't. But to be fair, this can't be placed entirely on Bush's shoulders either. The economy is really more of a perfect storm of a credit crisis, housing price crisis, and leveraging crisis that's all hitting at once, and it's been a long time coming.

But that doesn't make for a pithy graphic, does it?

Anonymous said...

It's the fault of every Democratic president since FDR. Ask anyone (who has a video blog to rant about liberal spending policy, that is).

Regan, on the other hand, is perfectly blameless, as he was (and is yet still, in heavenly spirit form) incapable of any wrongdoing.

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