FW: Tiger Woods at the Inauguration

FW: Tiger Woods at the Inauguration

I knew there was something I liked about tiger _ other than golf.

Tiger Woods received a special invitation to speak at the inauguration. His inviters were stunned, when he did not deliver the message they expected. You will see why the media swept it under the rug with no further ado, who & why of a certain element is pissed off at Tiger.
Below is the text of his speech, entitled:
"You'll Never Walk Alone,"
"I grew up in a military family - and my role models in life were my Mom and Dad, Lt. Colonel Earl Woods. My dad was a Special Forces operator and many nights friends would visit our home. They represented every branch of the service, and every rank.
"In my Dad, and in those guests, I saw first hand the dedication and commitment of those who serve. They come from every walk of life. From every part of our country. Time and again, across generations, they have defended our safety in the dark of night and far from home.

"Each day -- and particularly on this historic day -- we honor the men and women in uniform who serve our country and protect our freedom. They travel to the dangerous corners of the world, and we must remember that for every person who is in uniform, there are families who wait for them to come home safely.

"I am honor ed that the military is such an important part, not just of my personal life, but of my professional one as well. The golf tournament we do each year here in Washington is a testament to those unsung heroes.
"I am the son of a man who dedicated his life to his country, family and the military, and I am a better person for it.

"In the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln, the man at whose memorial we stand, spoke to the 164th Ohio Regiment and said: 'I am greatly obliged to you, and to all who have come forward at the call of their country.'

"Just as they have stood tall for our country - we must always stand by and support the men and women in uniform and their families.

"Thank you, and it is now my pleasure to introduce the US Naval Glee Club."
I have never been more proud of Tiger Woods than when I heard his 2-minute tribute to the military at the Inaugural Celebration in Washington DC . You know he was greatly pressured to be there. Liberals have been mad at him for a decade for not joining their ranks. You know he didn't want to be there. So instead of paying homage to Obama, he paid tribute to our soldiers. Not one time did he mention Obama, the inauguration or the new administration. He knew beforehand that his love for America , and appreciation for our military men & women would anger them further. But Tiger is his own man; his father taught him to be his own man.
Somewhere over that cold, gray Washington sky, old Earl Woods was smiling down on his beloved son. And there will be one more crying hug waiting for Tiger when he passes through the Pearly Gates into God's arms.


SJT said...

Seen this one making the rounds. Amazing how they can take a non-partisan tribute to the military and turn it into a Republican rallying cry.

Tiger Woods didn't "surprise" anyone with his speech. He was asked to be part of the ceremony and arranged so that he would do a military tribute and introduce the Glee Club. A military tribute introducing military personnel. What part of that doesn't make sense to some people?

"You know he didn't want to be there"

Really? You know this? Because it seemed to me like he was happy to be there and make his speech. And it also occurs to met that if Tiger didn't want to be there, he wouldn't have been there.

He didn't mention Obama once in a two minute speech not about Obama? My goodness, he must really hate him! I mean, to willingly appear at a huge public event honoring Obama's inauguration, that's a normal way to show how much you loathe someone, right?

"The media swept it under the rug"

LOL. Swept what?

briandharris said...

Apparently, Woods speaking at the inauguration of radical Muslim terror-socialist Barack Hussein Obama X is a major coup for conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Tiger has maintained his distance from politics, it's true, and he has spoken about the "why's" of his decision to do so on several occasions. I respect him for that.

However, he made no "bones" about being willing to be there at this inaugural event. As the first commenter said: gee, in a speech meant as tribute to the military, that's exactly what Tiger did...

DOI... trust the conservatards to SPIN anything and everything to make it look somehow different from, uh, reality, just to suit their bitterness. All they ever do is lie, lie, lie and spin.

Anonymous said...

I checked it out on Snopes.com. The text is accurate, but the speech was given at an event held on January 20, two days before the inauguration. He was asked to introduce the US Naval Glee Club, so the tone of the speech is not surprising. The comments are very, very misleading.

Anonymous said...

And, regardless as to whether Tiger is a big Democrat or a big Republican, or in the middle or relatively indifferent, cut the guy some slack. He's a public figure, a sports star and a major marketing agent for his sponsors. If he doesn't want to be overtly partisan one way or another, that's his right. Shocking that the right turned it into a partisan attack.

I would rather talk about the towering 3 wood he hit on 12 yesterday rather than his political views.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that someone like Tiger, who clearly wants to stay out of politics. Has this non-political speech at a non-political event used to attack a political leader. Republican golfers would really love to add Tiger to their camp. But it is too much of a stretch.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I love the irony of this one. Tiger Woods’ continuting to be non-political (as always) — but used for political purposes anyway!

Those right wing golfers REALLY want Tiger to be on their side. And when did logic ever get their way?

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that the TRUE died in the wool country-club set of repukes really wants Tiger on their side. They only recently changed the "whites only" (including No Jews) rules at numerous of their allegedly swank & exclusive clubs so that they could be included on the PGA tour.

I heard rumors that many in that club in Augusta, Georgia were less than happy to have that uppity n****r, Woods, come play there a few years ago.

No, I'm not so sure that the right is all that thrilled w/ Tiger, a black guy, being the greatest in the white man's world of golf.

And perhaps (who knows?) that's why Tiger tries to distance himself from politics. I don't blame him.

But the right will happily spin this non-event to their ever obvious purposes.

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