Fw: Subject: Caption Contest


1) The Five Dwarfs: Sleepy, Preachy, Goofy, Horny and Irrelevant
) Obama to elder Bush: "Your son is a moron." Bush to Clinton : "Obama is gonna F this up." Carter: "I like turtles."
) Bush (center) - "Fools to the left of me Jokers to the right, here I am."
) God willing, there will be 6 people in this photo four years hence.
) The group shares a hearty laugh at the gullibility of the American people.
The Readers Choice Award
this week goes to:
From left to right:
"Read my lips,
I bring change,
I bring compassionate conservatism,
I had the best BJ in this office,
What's a BJ?


Anonymous said...

Where's caption #4?

Anonymous said...

Teh stooopids fergt nummer 4... LOL!!!11111!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter was ahead of his time in terms of warning us about becoming too dependent on foreign oil, finding ways to be more energy independent and such. Plus he has spent the years after his presidency engaged in many meaningful pursuits, including housing the poor, overseeing potentially fraudulent elections in foreign dictatorships, and so on.

On top of it, I feel that Carter is only one in this group who a real, true believer (in the best sense of the word), which these religious zealots claim is so important to them.

It's no surprise, then, that since St. Ronnie of the Raygun onwards, the conservatards have made a sport of belittling Carter. The right wing nutcases have bought into the b.s. of the plutocrats to their own detriment.

If we had followed much of what Carter promoted, we would all be much better off... EXCEPT that folks like Darth Cheney & the Bush crime family, etc, would not be as obscenely wealthy.

Stupid is as stupid does... vote against your own self-interest, ya numbskulls.

Anonymous said...

Obama to Bush Sr., "Everyone knows your family money came from dealing with the Nazis."
Bush Jr. to Clinton, "I'm gonna die a virgin cause my wife can't stand the thot of sex and my family money came from dealing with Nazis. We're endin up cursed like the Kennedy's."
Clinton to Bush Jr., "Yup."
Carter to self, "Thank God I did something meaningful with my life."

Anonymous said...

They mock Jimmy Carter by pretending that he doesn't know what a BJ is. Yet again more right-wing hypocricy... most of these folks profess to be such highly moral Xtians (apologies to those who are sincere in beliefs but not saying rude stuff). So one would think that they might honor Carter for being the sincerely moral man that he is, rather than mock & make fun of him.

What immature, rude jerks. But cognitive dissonance abounds amongst such folk, who constantly vote against their own interests.

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