gruaud said...

Obama green-lit OBL's deep six.


Try again?

ferschitz said...

WTF? Obama started a dirty little war with Libya, which resulted in the death of Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.

Try again, sore Losers.

PS Sainted Ronnie of the Ray-guns didn't do shit bc he had Alzheimers the whole time he was in office. Try again.

Anonymous said...

In 1998, a guy named bin Laden was training terrorists, so Clinton shot missiles at him.

Then Republicans excoriated him for not focusing on a blowjob.

Anonymous said...

Ah foreign policy ala bumper sticker. Because removing all the big words from a story makes it so much easier for the anti-education crowd to read.

Marc with a C said...

Well, it was quiet, except for the whole Lockerbie Bombing thing. Oh well.

Adela said...

Hats off! This site is hilarious. Great to see all the demagoguery in one spot. My right wing dad forwards all the same shit to me which I immediately attach porn to and send it back to his group email list I find in the headers.

Now he and all his friends have viruses they keep passing around to each other LOL.

I'll be sure to see if any of the ones he sends me aren't on your site and I'll send them to you.

Keep up the good work. Hey, you could monetize your museum by asking "real Christians" or "true Patriots" to donate. I bet they'd step right up. ; )

dave said...

Welcome aboard, Adela.


M Reynolds said...

Nobody ever brings up the marine barracks bombing in Lebanon. Reagan was such a F--- up.

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