Fw: New Billboard At The Villages!!

Subject: Fw: New Billboard At The Villages!!
This is about 45 minutes from us!
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Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 4:35 PM
Subject: New Billboard At The Villages!!
 Check out the new billboard on Rte 466 at The Villages in Florida .  It's making a big hit!!


CharlieE said...

Things will get worse regardless of who is elected:

Scenario 1:

Obama gets re-elected; Republicans continue to block all legislation aimed at fixing current problems. Debt increases dramatically.

Scenario 2:

Romney wins; Republicans pass all kinds of unfunded spending bills with Democrats going along. Debt increases dramatically.

ferschitz said...

Plus both RMoney & Obama *promised* in that first debate that they would both cut Soc Sec & Medicare.

Coming soon to you: cuts in Soc Sec & Medicare, no matter who "wins."

Get ready. Ain't gonna make a damn bit of difference whether the white guy or the black guy is in the White House.

Thx 4 Fish said...

From the generation that spent 30 years voting for candidates who gave us tax cuts but no corresponding cuts in spending. Its time for the ones who benefited most from those policies to pay it back.

From my wealthy RWD I hear that more and more of his SS check goes toward his Medicare coverage. He can easily afford this, but the whining is constant. Greed is an ugly thing.

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