FW: DeJa Vue?

Subject: FW: DeJa Vue?

Subject: DeJa Vue?

This is one of the best ads put out by the Republicans.  Take a moment and forward this to everyone you know, and especially to family, friends and acquaintances who live and vote in the crucial “battleground” states around the country.  Nothing has to be said, just ask them to watch.

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CharlieE said...

It is a great ad, showing that Obama sticks to his beliefs and is determined to make America a better place.

The only thing wrong with the ad is the conclusion - which is that wanting people to be better off and wanting them to have jobs is a bad thing.

Of course, we'd all be better off, without question, if the Republicans hadn't spent the past four years blocking all legislation designed to improve our bad economy.

gruaud said...

I agree.

The reason he's repeating his goals for the United States is because the Republicans impeded as much legislature as they possibly could.

And these sons of bitches have the temerity to ask if we're better off?

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