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Date: Friday, August 10, 2012, 9:21 PM

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CharlieE said...

Obama hasn't done anything with your money; the Republicans won't allow any of his legislation to pass in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney does do things with your money. Your taxes are higher, and your wages are lower, because of the actions of Mitt Romney and people like him.

ferschitz said...

Obama has lowered taxes on the middle class, including lowering the FICA tax, which I disagree with.

The Bush-Obama tax cuts for the wealthy have been extended.

Obama has continued the WAR, Inc, that GW Bush started and waged more WAR, Inc.

What is it that these fools don't like? That Obama happens to be black?

If RMoney "wins" the election, I hope Tea Partiers enjoy having their Soc Sec & Medicare cut cuz believe me, that's what's gonna happen. Guess it'll be "ok" bc RMoney is whitey-white-white and Rush'll bellow that it's way kewl to get less Soc Sec.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...


I checked my social insecurity earnings statement for 2011 and my monthly payments from S Insecurity dropped $200 per month. So much for BO and his ripoffs helping us who paid so much in. Thanks to all your gov't programs.

Anonymous said...

As someone whose taxes are supporting your retirement and probably won't earn me as much as I paid in, either: cry me a river, grandpa.

The real reason for the disparity in take-home Social Security pay is the rising cost of health care (including Medicare), which Obama put in a token effort at fixing, but surely you would prefer buying private insurance at your age.

Anonymous said...


Yup, I'm sure it was Obama's non-changes to social security which did that, and not the automatic adjustments made by the SSA depending.

Either that or you're lying, which I'd say is a good bet.

ferschitz said...

To 2d Anon post responding to me:

I don't believe you. I handle my Dad's finances since he has Alz. There has been NO change to his Soc Sec payments, other than not getting COLAs over the past couple of years. His monthly payments have never gone down.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

BTW, many who post here regularly know I'm not a big Obama supporter. In fact, both Obama & RMoney *promised* to cut Soc Sec & Medicare in that first debate. BOTH of them.

Coming soon to you: cuts in Soc Sec & Medicare no matter whether RMoney or DMoney "wins."

The cuts have not happened... yet.

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