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Subject: Harvard Law School - Big Oops!

Big Oops! Harvard Law Review did not cleanse its 1991 yearbookActual photocopy

Why wasn't this printed in news papers and reported on TV in 2008?


LiberalGunner said...

That's it the walls are all coming down the emperor has no close the sky is falling batten down the hatches danger will robinson red alert

Anonymous said...

Funny how even Breitbart.com says they aren't birthers. But hey, what's one more attack on the President, even if you don't believe it?

Beeznuts said...

I usually wouldn't bother, but the "confirmed by Snopes" bit brings me back to the days of MK2, when people seemed to believe that ending a post with "proven" was, in fact, proof.

Snopes confirms that a) This is a client list from a literary agency. There is no such thing as the Harvard Law Review Yearbook. The Harvard Law Review is not a school. It does not have a yearbook.

b) A partner at the agency, then an assistant, has taken responsibility for the error, which has been known about for some time.

c) Why wasn't the public informed about a seventeen-year-old typo in an industry-only publication? It's hard to imagine.

ferzchitz said...

The theme of the Tea Party should be the classic:
When in danger
When in doubt
Run in circles
Scream & shout

Tea partiers certainly good at flapping & twirling.

Anonymous said...

ha and OWS should just report to North Korea where they will never have to deal with capitalism again!!

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