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Anonymous said...

Someone apparently doesn't know anything about monkeys (or apes, who humans are actually related to).

Monkeys and apes fight a lot. They're territorial about all sorts of things, and they'll gladly kill each other if it comes down to it. Chimps have even been observed resorting to cannibalism in their wars between different clans.

Anonymous said...

Lyrics from Dr John's The Monkey (the album credits Pearl King/Dave Bartholomew as composer)

ferschitz said...

Those g-d monkeys sure sound like common-nists to me!

Guess that's why conservatives are so loath to believe that they might be descended from 'em (or, as already pointed out, from apes actually). The dog forbid that anyone share their coconuts with each other!

Bad, bad sochulisticKenyanMarxistNazi monkeys!

Anonymous said...

What a terrible photoshop of ferschitz and gruaud!!

Hooray4US said...

Wow 4th Anon: what are you in 2d grade or something?

Apologies to all real 2d graders, of course, for such an insult.

Anonymous said...

If only conservatives could be as evolved as these monkeys....

gruaud said...

Well, I have recently grown a beard....

Anonymous said...

@ gruaud

Got evolved?
If man did evolve from apes, why are there still monkeys? Did they evolve into man and then evolve back into monkeys?

gruaud said...

The most childish argument ever devised. Go back to tee-ball, youngster; I deal with Little League and above.

And if you can't figure out why that particular argument is profoundly stupid, then I suggest that you need to punch out your high school biology teacher, because he/she did you a grave disservice.

Or maybe you were napping in class. Who can tell?

Padre Mickey said...

I'm an Episcopal priest, and once, while visiting a Seventh Day Adventist church, the preacher started talking about evolution. He looked at me and asked, "Did we descend from monkeys, Padre?" I answered, "No, but we share a common ancestor." He didn't ask me any more questions during that sermon.

gruaud said...

This is what we call a 9th inning walk-off grand slam.

Anonymous said...

My biology teacher was asked why can't apes or monkeys cry because of emotions. He didn't give me an answer. ONLY humans can cry tears because of their emotions.

gruaud said...

Fair enough, but not sure what your point is. The fact that since only man can cry, evolution is disproven? Not even close.

Animals manifest emotions in different ways. And the primates all demonstrate very complex, nuanced emotion.


Anonymous said...

ONLY humans can cry tears because of their emotions.

And? Only humans write sonnets, what's your point?

Anonymous said...

Which is a more objective question: “What were the ape-like creatures that led to man?” or “ Did man evolve from ape-like creatures?”

Last December 9 archeologist and paleo-anthropologist Mary Leakey died at age 83. Although Leakey was convinced that man had evolved from ape-like ancestors, she was equally convinced that scientists will never be able to prove a particular scenario of human evolution. Three months before her death, she said in an interview: “All these trees of life with their branches of our ancestors, that’s a lot of nonsense.” [Associated Press (AP) Dec. 10, 1996.]

With Leakey’s words still ringing in my ears, The New York Times reported three days later that scientists had re-examined two major fossil sites in Java, and found that Homo erectus may have lived there as recently as “27,000 years ago”. (December 13, P.A1) This dating analysis, conducted by McMaster University geologists Henry Schwarcz and Jack Rink, will serve to cast further doubt on the so-called evidence for human evolution. Why? If it can be shown that Homo erectus lived at the same time as modern man, Homo erectus may be no more than racial variants of Homo sapiens.

Although Darwinists would contend there is nothing in evolutionary theory that requires extinction of a parent species upon or soon after the emergence of a daughter species, this dating analysis places Homo erectus in the era of modern humans. and argues against an ancestral relationship.

From Maclean’s magazine (Canada’s weekly newsmagazine):

Anonymous said...

Except that it wasn't homo erectus that they found. They found (maybe) Homo floresiensis, which is thought to be either a different species or possibly just some bones of a pigmy.

This is why you shouldn't get your science from mass publication weekly newsmagazines. Or your news, for that matter.

gruaud said...

That crap was debunked over a decade ago.

This: "If it can be shown that Homo erectus lived at the same time as modern man, Homo erectus may be no more than racial variants of Homo sapiens."


Cro magnon lived at an overlap of the same time as Neanderthal and the Cro Mags pretty much went out of their way to destroy the Neanderthals. They mostly succeeded, but like all forms of genocide, close but no cigar.

There are pockets, still in existence, of Neanderthal ancestry. That's how evolution WORKS. It is not a sharp knife. It's a winnowing process lasting thousands and thousands of years.

Evolution is rock–solid, J-freaks.

Even Jesus would agree, because he wasn't stupid or wrapped in insecure ideology. The Sermon on the Mount proved that. I've yet to hear anything as gentle and profound from your current crop of delusional leaders.

Anonymous said...


Jesus agreeing with your anti-GOD ideas of evolution? What are you thinking? Jesus is the Son of God who created the heaven and the earth and on the sixth day created man.
If you can't agree with that, then you will continue in your errors. You even quote the Bible apparently without knowing what the rest of GOD's Word even says.

gruaud said...

Look, I'll make this simple. If you reject evolution, you reject science and you reject reason. Not even Jesus Christ would advocate something so profoundly stupid.

What do YOU know about God's word?


Think, dummy. It's not against the 10 Commandments.

Anonymous said...

Evolutionist = atheist

Anonymous said...

Evolutionist = atheist

Anyone who thinks this is a idiot.

Anyone who thinks that calling someone an atheist is some kind of insult is a bigger idiot.

Anonymous said...

@ gruaud
Praying for you to see the Light!
Christians believe in creationism but do not put science or reason on hold like you think we do. I and many others believe that all the heavens and earth were created by a Superior being (GOD). Only about 15% of the population believe GOD had no part in creating this world that we live on. I assume you are a post grad so you have only a 26% following in that GOD had no part in the earth as we know it today. http://www.gallup.com/poll/155003/Hold-Creationist-View-Human-Origins.aspx. Science shows us how things work together from the fact that this earth and the way everything so amazingly works together and the only planet that can sustain human life. Science teaches us that and Christians don't deny science or reason. Sorry but I don't know where you that notion. 75% believe GOD had some hand in it. Science is so awesome that if you think about the way things live or survive you would have to think there was some higher power that created everything. If you see a great painting would you think it evolved? No! Some one or thing painted it. Did the computer appear over many years because it fell out of some humans head? No! Something as complex and intricate as our bodies and the solar system had to be made by someone. If you can't believe the Bible to be the true WORD of GOD, then it might lead to believing in what ever is next great idea.
By the way, I know enough about the Bible to know Jesus the Son of God believes in creation because as a believer in the Trinity, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there when God created the world.

gruaud said...

I don't care of 99.9999% of everyone on the planet believes in God. Go ahead, I'm not stopping you. This isn't a popularity contest to me. It is quite literally how I perceive the universe.

Many Christians believe in science. I work in a laboratory with many devout Christians, who also happen to believe in evolution. I work well with them and they respect me despite my atheism. I like and respect them even though they're theists.

More power to 'em.

I also know many fake or ignorant christians who can't comprehend that evolution just might be part of your God's plan. And they DO deny science and reason. Get your head out of the sand and pay attention, ostrich. You're on the right track but the radical fringe of Christianity isn't doing moderates like you any favors.

Less power to those idiots.

sabina moon said...
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