Fw: we need this

Subject: FW: we need this

Need to keep this Prayer going. Send it to others and all your friends.

Dear Beloved God in Heaven
Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.
Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God.
Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.
Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.
Please God weaken the evil and strengthen the good both without and within.
May our eyes be opened.
In Jesus’ name,
God Bless America


CharlieE said...

Sorry, but God doesn't have the free time to meddle in elections. He's too busy determining the outcome of football games.

Thx 4 Fish said...

"Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God."

--I'm not sure what this email's message is--vote Obama, maybe? Romney, of course, is a Mormon who believes that God is one of multiple gods and a physical being as well. It is absurd that Romney's bizarro religion has not been a topic in this election at all. And that people are unaware of those very odd beliefs. Until a few days ago Mormonism was labelled a cult by Jerry Falwell's group.

gruaud said...

Anybody watching Obama and FEMA handle Sandy?

Compare to Bush and Katrina. Now a riddle...

There's an obvious lesson here. Progressives and most independents know it. Undecideds might learn it. FOX Conservatives will never know it.

What is it?

Anonymous said...

So, if we're respecting what God has given us... does that mean we need to take the environment seriously?

And should we not take our country's institutions helping the poor become productive, healthy citizens for granted?

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