Fw: Big Bird Obama


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap.

Big Bird wouldn't vote for Romney. As you can plainly see, he's not white. And he never struck me as much of a asshole either.

CharlieE said...

Republicans enjoy talking about the trillions that Obama has added to the debt, but they can't name one single policy of Obama's that has actually done that.

It's existing Bush policies that are adding to the debt. It's only going up under Obama because the Republicans in the Senate are blocking all attempts to fix it.

ferschitz said...

In some ways, I kind of like this cartoon bc it very accurately depicts how conservatives are brainwashed by propoganda just like this to vote endlessly against their own interests.

Most conservatives are JUST LIKE BIGBIRD in this cartoon: hastening off to the polls to pull the lever for RMoney, who's gonna make sure that he continues plundering & pillaging the middle & working classes for the benefit of the 1%.

Get prepared to NOT have your standard tax deductions, TeaTardz, like your mortgage deduction, your deduction for having kids, etc.

All so your 1% overlords can get another gargantuan tax CUT.


BTW, federal funding of PBS is something ridiculously small like less than .001% of the entire budget. But hey, yeah, let's feel all warm 'n fuzzy bc insanely "liebrul" PBS will be now fully run by the corporations, rather than 99% run by the corporations. Duh.

Thx 4 Fish said...

This is such a fail. Stupid to the point of mindlessness. Which is how I've come to see the right wing. There is so much tribalism and emotion and so little reason in their religious-like beliefs. No sense trying to reason with them. Just keep pointing out the insanity.

Anonymous said...

Someday, Ramirez will draw an Obama caricature so thin he won't be visible without a microscope.

Incidentally, the official word is that Big Bird is too young to understand politics, so he doesn't have an opinion on dumb wisecracks about eliminating PBS funding ($445.2 million) to cover a $5 trillion deficit from proposed tax cuts.

Anonymous said...

Come on ferschitz....PROPOGANDA or PROPAGANDA???? When oh when will you learn how to spell your favorite "buzz word" correctly? Are you really that STUPID? The stupidz...it hurtz!! ;-)

Winky ;-)

gruaud said...

Hey, Wink, pick on me.

My doctor said I needed more fiber in my diet.

You'll do.

Anonymous said...

Try some Metamucil, my world renowned "scientist".

wooo-hooo ;-)

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