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Psalm 109:8

Where does one get this sticker?

Psalm 109:8My wife and I were in slow-moving traffic the other day and
We were stopped behind a car that had an unusual Obama
Bumper sticker on it.
It read: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8".

When we got home my wife got out the Bible and opened it
Up to the scripture. She started laughing & laughing. Then she
Read it to me. I couldn't believe what it said. I had a good
Laugh, too.

Psalm 109:8 ~
"Let his days be few and brief;
And let others step forward to replace him." 

At last -- I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our
President! Look it up -- it is word for word! Let us all bow our
Heads and pray. Brothers and Sisters, can I get an

I might suggest: PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Try reading the whole thing and see if you think it's so funny.

No one ever invokes that Psalm, if they have any decency.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, please protect us from your followers.

Hooray4US said...

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

Where does one get this sticker? Nowhere because it's OBVIOUSLY a photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Here's the "generator" for this fake bumper sticker: http://www.redkid.net/generator/bumper/words/

Anonymous said...

Psalm 109:16-17:

For he never thought of doing a kindness, but hounded to death the poor and the needy and the brokenhearted.
He loved to pronounce a curse -- may it come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing -- may it be far from him.

Hmmmm, this certainly sounds like some politicians I know, but not Obama.

Marc with a C said...

It'd be a lot funnier if they had a picture of devil worship and worked in that it was for Obama because it was a BLACK mass, but that would probably go over most of their heads.

Thx 4 Fish said...

It's always stunning to see how easily 'believers' will use their own holy book for superficial, self-serving or hypocritical purposes. It makes them seem more like unbelievers. If they truly believed in the God of the Bible they would not callously throw around verses which talk of evil for such pedestrian purposes unless their beliefs are of the most shallow nature. They cheapen their faith.

gruaud said...

Jesus, what asshole would quote Psalm 109 with respect to a president of the US? Not even Bush the Lesser deserves this. And he SUCKED.

That is just horrific. No sane person does this.
Oh, hi, Greg fucking Dixon. You're so totally fucking sane. Hi Wiley Drake, well done, asshole. Nicely played, Mike O'Neal, Jesus is so NOT proud of you.

Can't you guys police yourselves, or is it all good?
As long as liberals are hurt or insulted? Well, we expect that from you, don't we?

Baptists? Really? Can any of you help me out here?
Come on. I've met some really very NICE PEOPLE who are Baptists. Do you really have to fucking torch it up with this crap? Do you all have to go along with this hateful shit?

Do you see why every one else wants separation of church and state?

It's because of YOU.

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