FWD: Spiking The Ball!

Subject: Spiking The Ball!


Marc with a C said...

George W. Bush spent 8 years sitting on his ass and went on the record as saying he wasn't really worried about Osama. Obama whacked Osama in 2. Yet somehow, pointing out that fact is "spiking the ball?" Next thing you know, when the economy gets better (as it is already starting to do), they'll be claiming it was all W's fault.

CharlieE said...

The economy, domestic energy, and jobs haven't suffered from anything Obama has actively done; they've suffered because the Republicans refuse to allow any of Obama's proposed legislation to fix those problems to come to a vote.

As for health care, why are the Republicans complaining about the ACA? It consists almost entirely of Republican ideas.

Oh, that's right. They're hypocrites.

gruaud said...

Branco still thinks that Bush the Lesser's policies were just great.

Talk about blinded by ideology.

Anonymous said...

Why yes, Mr. Romney, tell us all about your plans for health care and how they differ from Obama's!

For that matter, tell us how your career has boosted jobs.

ferschitz said...

Fine, I guess, to "dedicate" this rubbish to the US SEAL Team & the CIA, but why GW Bush? That's a load of crap.

GW Bush had the best chance ever to kill his childhood friend, Osama bin Laden, when the Navy SEALS had ObL in their sites in the Tora Bora Hills of Afghanistan in October 2001. It was GW Bush who called off their raid, and then GW Bush sat on his thumbs for the rest of his term of office blithely telling US citizens that he didn't give a crap about ObL, and that there was no cause to kill ObL.

Clearly the Bush Crime Syndicate wasn't about to "off" the scion of one of their wealthy investors, so it was left to Obama to do the deed.

Now the rightwing Whores, like Branco, dutifully accept their bribes to misinform heavily propogandized conservatives. Typical.

As much as I'm no fan of Obama, why shouldn't Obama play up the fact that he "got" ObL? That's called politics.

Load of crap, but what else is new?

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