Fw: Avoid gun free zones

Subject: FW: Avoid gun free zones

Subject: Avoid gun free zones



Anonymous said...

According to the video, mass killings never happened in "the good old days", back when "religion" and "tradition" were king. I wonder what devout Catholic and US Marine Charles Whitman would say about that?

Next, he blames "gun free zones", because none of the people in the theatre was able to shoot this guy. Because that's exactly what would have saved the day: crossfire in dark theatre. No potential problems there.

He then says that there's never been an incident like this at an NRA convention, because they are not "gun free zones". Which is surprising considering the last NRA convention in Virginia WAS a gun free zone. No weapons were allowed into the convention center where it was held.

Scary to think that the people who worship guns so much as so divorced from reality.

LiberalGunner said...

It was in Colorado which has carry laws and as far as I know not one person from inside the theater has come forward and said they could have stopped the guy in body armor with a protective mask while choking on tear gas in a dark theater.

Plus how many other people would have been shot by other people carrying if they pulled out their gun?

Having a hard time justifying being progun at the moment.

gruaud said...

I practice with my Sig P226 on a monthly basis and these guys just embarrass me.

God damn, what is wrong with you people. I'm assuming you started out normal. What the hell warped you?

Anonymous said...

CLASSY gruaud: "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain"....

Tell me the truth...are you a believer of Christ being the son of God and that through him you shall gain eternal life in heaven?

Anonymous said...

You failed to point out that an armed crowd in the theater would also have needed illegal ammunition to bring down the body armored "carrot top" impersonator...just sayin'....

ferschitz said...

Duly noted that ConservAnon engages in classic mis-direction by talking about something totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Typical. Rather than discuss the issue of gun laws, etc, the ConservAnon *attacks* another blogger and then *demands* to know about his/her faith, which is not the topic and none of his effen business.

We definitely need a better quality of troll here, that's for damn sure.

ferschitz said...

I can't bear to watch, although I've read some rightwing gun-nut sites with similar "arguments" about how IF ONLY *everyone* had a loaded gun in the CO movie theatre, why all would be well in the world and the shooter would've been "taken down" blah blah blah blah...

This specious nonsense is reliably trotted out whenever there's a blood bath brought about by someone with zillions of guns and a ton of mental illness (or some such) problems... by what I can only characterize as *irresponsible gun owners.*

It's getting harder and harder to "defend" citizens' rights to bear arms when such egregious shit is duly pumped out the usual boorish & seemingly crazily irresponsible "supsects," such as this idiot here.

To make such an idiotic statement that IF ONLY everyone had guns in that theatre then all would be well demonstrates that this person (and those like him) are utterly divorced from reality and not grounded in facts. Rather they choose to play around in some cloud-cuckoo fantasy land where gun slingers are the bestest, but only the dudes in the "black hats" get themselevs kilt because they "deserve it" and Miss Kitty gets to walk home safe every night.

Such a load of bullshit. Really not doing your "side" any good when making "arguments" like this on.

P.S. as noted by another commenter, the frickin' perp had body armor on, plus head gear, and tossed out a tear gas canister. I'm not genius, but if you listen to even ONE of the people who were there it's frickin' as CLEAR as day that there was no way that some idiotice NRA-propogandized dolt coulda "taken out" the perp before the worst happened.

So stupid on so many levels. PTOUI!!!!!!!!!

gruaud said...

Thanks, fake Christian, for the obvious misdirection. I've read every page in the Fake Christian Conservative playbook and you are an amateur, at best.

Try guilt-tripping 8 year old children, that's probably a better fit for your skill set.

Anonymous said...

Using the Lord's name in vain...naughty sinner gruaud!

Anonymous said...

gruaud: You know who's gonna be the biggest bullshitter known to man? The poor soul who has to give the eulogy @ your memorial service when you pass away. You better atone and make good with the Lord....the sooner the better, you liberal hippie "oracle" (in your own mind, that is).


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, gruaud has more issues than National Geographic magazine.

dave said...

"You know who's gonna be the biggest bullshitter known to man? The poor soul who has to give the eulogy @ your memorial service when you pass away."

If it is a preacher delivering said eulogy, he will be good at that bullshitting business, having practiced for years and years.

gruaud said...

A eulogy?

I can just see this guy leaning back in his chair, pointing his finger at the monitor, and saying "check and MATE, gruaud!"

Well played, zen master.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the original meaning of that commandment wasn't against casual swearing. It was an rule against making an oath up on the name of God and breaking said oath. Like most of the supposedly "eternal" parts of the bible, its meaning has been tweaked over the centuries.

Also, isn't is basically pointless for a christian to point out other's supposed sins? Isn't judgement reserved for God alone, and aren't all humans sinners who will be forgiven by an ever loving God?

Anonymous said...

gruaud is a sour grape throwing, frustrated, know nothing, name calling, slandering idiot...but of course, we already knew that.

Anonymous said...

gruaud is a sour grape throwing, frustrated, know nothing, name calling, slandering idiot...but of course, we already knew that.

Its always projection with conservatives. Always.

gruaud said...

It's true that I'm an idiot, so debating the issues with me should be child's play for conservatives.

Whenever any of you are ready, we can begin.

Let's start with gun control.

Fun fact: I own guns and I'm a crack shot yet I think they should be controlled. How is this even POSSIBLE?!?!?

Hint: it has nothing to do with my choice of mustard.

Hooray4US said...

John 8:7
Matthew 7:3

It's called The Bible. Maybe some of you "Christian-y" conservatives would like to acquaint yourself with it. Try reading the verses listed, above, for starters.

I "get it" that most of you incredibly judgemental & very very very mean-spirited - but oh so self-righteously moralizing "Christian-y" types - are totally unfamiliar with this, uh, good book.

Try reading it. You just might learn something.

Brian Boru said...

You are partially correct. I consider myself a Christian conservative (non republican), however, those teachings of Christ belong in ever aspect of my daily life, however, I am far from perfect.

My Christian faith is a part of my political stance - the sacredness of human life, morality, protecting and defending the rights of weak and less fortunate, working "by the sweat of one's own brow" to build a better society, and not to passing judgement on others.

The law is fulfilled in a single command: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Gal 5:14

Anonymous said...

So gruaud, thank goodness you are neither patriotic or religious. Does that make you a freeloading slob who's going to hell?

Blaney said...

Nice, anon. Maybe you're just projecting who you are and where you're going?

gruaud said...

If fighting for gun control and minimizing these horrendous gun attacks that are occurring with ever increasing frequency means I'm unpatriotic, you need to understand the difference between patriotism and blind slavering insanity...stat.

If looking out for my fellow Americans means I'm a freeloading slob, you need to look in a mirror and ask yourself what kind of person you really are.

I'm a scientist and I bet I pay MORE TAXES than you. And I pay gladly, even to help your dumb red state ass. I give to charities that help EVERYONE, not just WASPs.

Yes, I'm not religious -- that is common knowledge here. And I will never back away from that. I will never submit to faith over reason. Fuck Hell, that's for scared little children.

And I'm still more moral than you are, I'll wager. I don't need the concept of Hell to tell me what is right from wrong, as you seem to.

Play again?

I'm always here. Bring your 'A' game next time.

Anonymous said...

So gruaud is a "scientist"? Hugh? You're kidding us right? Hey dude, so from your inane comments on here, I'm going to go way out on a limb and guess that "you ain't no rocket scientist", amigo! Oh yea! wooo-hooo

gruaud said...

Hey silly, I said bring your A game.

If I say I'm a scientist (bacteriologist/immunologist for the last 30 years) then that is good enough for your dumb ass. I took a government student loan to complete my education and I paid it back on time.
I've worked in biotechnology ever since.

What did you do with your life, dummy?

I mean besides your childish trolling in your mom's basement, while eating Cheetos and high-fiving yourself in your monitor reflection.

I've said you were weak and stupid...prove me wrong.

Pissing off conservatards isn't why I post here, but it sure is a perk.

Anonymous said...

Cheetos? Huh? They still make those? Geez, gruaud, don't tell me your penis is still stained orange from your high school days....locking yourself in your room with your Dad's Betamax collection of porn movies and a large bag of Cheetos.

So now that your all "grown up", minus your liberal mind, do you jack-off into your test tubes and flasks in the lab, place them into you Fisher Scientific centrifuge and create your own protein-rich milkshakes?

Seriously gruaud, even St. Peter is gonna shake his head when you arrive at the Pearly Gates and say, "so this is the Zen master of MRWD.net....I've heard such fucked up things about you".....

"Do Not Pass Go...Do Not Collect $200".....

Anonymous said...

You know gruaud, I'm in a good mood tonight, so I'm not even going to ask you where you've been putting those pipettes lately....

Anonymous said...

Is this kind of inane insult supposed to be "so mature"?

This is all you got? Insults that would have to grow up for 5 years to be considered "childish"?

gruaud said...

Like I've said before, I'll debate conservatives on any issue. You want to come here and defend these RWF's?
Of course you don't. You can't, and you know it. That's half the fun of posting here: ii's watching you fall all over yourselves trying to defend this tripe. Why do you think I deliberately bait you guys?

You want to debate me on your teabagger causes and school me as to how awesome they are?

Ok, so school me.

ferschitz said...

Wow. Well, gruaud: ya got your work cut out for you, don't you? It's really difficult to "defend yourself" against such stunningly intelligent rebuttals from conservatives!!... NOT.

To be fair, recently there have been a few conservatives who've come here to more graciously explain why they support the Cathy family & CFA. Hey: fine. I'm down with that.

But this kind of "nanny nanny boo boo, you smell like poo poo" commentary is sadly typical of what we mostly see here from conservatives.

They don't want to believe that gruaud is a scientist? Fine. Whatever.

They're main reposte is to say that you're going to hell? Fine. Whatever.


I'm with you gruaud. I've got no issue with citizens owning guns, but the fact that we've reached a point in our country where conservatives are manipulated by the NRA into literally shooting themselves in the foot is sad testimony to how low the nation has sunk.

Given the level of commentary here, I won't hold my breath waiting for some of the sheeple to ever wake up.

Now gruaud & I can both breathlessly await the typical gay-bashing conservative response that because we are such raging liberals, we must ALSO be gay & therefore, it's way kewl to display rampant homophobia to prove just how horrid gruaud & I are. Have at it, losers, cuz it appears that's all ya got.

Anonymous said...

So gruaud is a "scientist" (so like most hardcore scientists I know doesn't dabble in religion...because "hell is for scared people")....so I have let you in on some "secrets" of the Bible, amigo:

I hate to break it to ya this way , but there is plenty of "science" in the Bible. Don't you realize that a REAL person born in the flesh, Son of God performed over a hundred miracles.. Also, there were many miracles performed by the Spirit in the Old Testament. Many of these miracles consisted of parting the Red Sea, turning 3 fish and bread into a feast for starving people.

God created Science. Fire, water, rain, sun, the moon, elements... that is high science, Senor "immunologist/bacteriologist" GRUAUD!

Hugs and kisses,

Winky ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you can't argue with that Gruaud. Who needs hard science when you can simply say "the bible says so"?

gruaud said...

Damn, I just got winkied.

Anonymous said...

Anon...are you gruaud's boy toy? ;-)

Sure hope he uses KY gel on you butt hole...

Winky ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with this winky dude, are anon and gruaud a tag team?

Anonymous said...

As hard at this might be to imagine, there is more than 1 person in the world who knows that Winkie is an idiot.

gruaud said...

Well, it's pretty obvious you and "anon" are a tag-team; as in, it's the same person posting with 2 IDs.
The time sig is 4 minutes apart, so it's obvious it's you, you big dummy.

I know all your tricks before you can even devise them. I've played against the best, youngster.

Play again? ( :

Maybe you should try honest debate about the issues?

Sure, and maybe you'd like to sell me a bridge.

ferschitz said...

"Winky" has never been honest on this blog, yet loves to play-act at being some ever-so-moral self-righteous "Christiany" type. Don't know if s/he's full of it or actually believes his/her bullshit.

But *once again* "Winky" proves the pathetic-ness of his/her "Christiany" stance by attacking gruaud as being gay... as if there's something VERY wrong with being gay, and as IF it's just fine & jim-dandy for super moralistic "Christiany" types to *attack* gays, diss them, put them down & generally be jerk-off shitheads.

I dunno about anyone else, but when I see/read/hear about that kind of shit being tossed out by so-called "Christiany" beings, it sure doesn't make me want to belong to their "church."

My friends & family don't behave that way. We behave as Jesus preached: to treat everyone well and obey the Golden Rule.

Just saying...

And might I add, once again some conservative has *devolved* the "converstaion" here into monkey-poo flinging. So-called "winky" has no interest in actually having a real discussion about the issues at hand.

Sock puppet? Paid by rightwing think tanks? methinks possibly so. Wouldn't want red-blooded 'murkins to, you know, actually start thinking for themselves and to question the great "god" under the microscope here: the NRA.

Think about it...

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