Fw: Arms Control Treaty

The date on this posting is 3 July 2012; it hasn’t been floating around in cyberspace.  This requires immediate attention.
I think at the very least an e-mail to your Senators is indicated.


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Anonymous said...

Christ on a cracker, are wingnuts STILL worried about this UN small arms treaty? The one which will have no effect whatsoever on them or their precious guns?

I can remember them bitching about this supposedly awful thing way back when I was a kid and they're still on about it.

I guess the "classics" never die. Or maybe wingnuts never learn.

ferschitz said...

Well dittoheaded "conservatives" mostly don't know shit from shinola about the UN Small Arms Treaty. However, periodically some think tank is paid by the Guns 'n Ammo industries to trot out this lying canard to gin up the yay-hooos, so that the fools can be easily parted from their money to buy yet more guns 'n ammo.

This one, like the bigoted "joke" just below, gets trotted out regularly. Seen it a number of times now.

There's info out there - I'm too lazy to look for it but use teh google as it's easy to find - about how WELL the guns 'n ammo industries have done since Obama was elected. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Obama is getting HUGE donations from BigGun & BigAmmo this year. Nothing, and I mean: NOTHING, would please the gun & ammo industries more than to see Obama re-elected.

Obama is GREAT NEWS for the guns & ammo industry. The rubes are VERY easily ginned up to part with their money because of the N***** in the White House.

Count on it.

Hooray4US said...

"This requires immediate attention."

These hyperventilating RWFs all say something like this. It's been said here before, but you'd think conservatives would get tired of being so goaded into fear and anger over every little thing that allegedly "happens" (most of it is illusory).

Must not have a life.

Besides writing to their Senator will result in: zip.

Anonymous said...

This editorial debunks everything you have said.


Anonymous said...

This editorial debunks everything you have said


You quote a crazy wingnut editorial as "proof" of a crazy wingnut conspiracy theory!

And who does the "editorial" quote as proof? Dick Morris, the same wingnut who made the original crazy video!

Its so perfectly self perpetuating that I think it must violate the laws of physics.

gruaud said...

@ anon

Fail again.


These sites are just kicking you in the dick and you fall for it EVERY TIME. Don't you ever get sick of being treated like a fucking tool?

ferschitz said...

LOL!! Thanks for the amusement value, *everyone*... esp the conservative who dutifully showed up to demonstrate HOW the propogandizing/brainwashing/dittoheading works!

Excellent way to start my morning!! Love it. w00T!11!

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